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How To Groom a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a sweet-natured, gentle and friendly breed of dogs. This toy breed is intelligent and is trainable when the owner uses the gentle methods. These dogs get along with the other pets and are generally well behaved. This breed was once an exclusive possession of aristocrats and today it is one of the costliest dog breeds.

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This little toy breed requires only a negligible amount of trimming, but it requires frequent brushing and combing to keep its silky coat in the best condition. They also require once a week general grooming and a full grooming every six to eight weeks. You can follow below mentioned suggestions for the effective grooming:

• You should trim the hair on the underside of the foot pads of dog with grooming clippers or scissors. Check the hair on the ears of dog for tangles and mats.

• You should bathe your pooch with a dog shampoo that is rich in protein. It is because this type of shampoo is good for the coat of Cavalier King Charles spaniel. After baths, dry him thoroughly.


• It is an avid lap dog breed, which is a helpful fact that you can use when you are brushing your dog. You should wait until your pooch gets settled on your lap. After that brush the coat thoroughly.

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• You can use thinning shears so as to get rid of stray hairs around the legs and feet.

• You should brush the coat of dog once a week. This breed of dogs is average shedders. The coat of these dogs is valued for its sheen and feathering, but should not be curly.


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