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How To Keep Your Chow Chow Happy


Introduction – If you are a parent to a chow chow, then you must be well informed about this breed. This information will help you to take good care of chow chow. This is a small and one of the oldest breeds of dog. They are from the “working dog breed group. Chow Chow resembles like a bear. They look cute and adorable. But looks can be deceptive as they are not really the ideal cuddling buddies. They don’t enjoy hugging too much. They are quiet and attentive by nature. They are very independent and can become suspicious of strangers. He can become aloof sometimes. Chow chow has deeply set eyes and a big head, which makes his personality very unique and impressive. They prove to be very loyal companions for life.

Training – It is important to train your dog so that they become social. A well trained chow chow will be able to enjoy more time with your family and friends. The training should begin at the time when a chow chow puppy is brought home. Human touch is very important for a chow puppy. Hold him and pet him as often as possible. The puppy might cry and whine with your touch initially, but soon he will get accustomed. Once the puppy is little older take him out with you and allow the strangers to hold and touch him. Be patient with yourself and with your chow puppy. It takes time for him to get socialized and become a friendly dog.


Nutrition – Feeding your dog the right food is important for his health and well being. Every breed has different requirements. Many varieties of dog food are available in the market. You can pick the best dog food. It is not recommended to feed meat to chew. This can cause some problems, Feed them eggs and rice and may be a small portion of meat. Rice will do wonders to their coat. Feed them once or twice a day. Make sure that clean water is always available for your dog.

Grooming and Coat – To keep your dog clean and healthy right grooming is essential. Keeping good hygiene is important. After all the dogs stay with you in your house so they should be kept clean all the time. Grooming is not only about taking care of their coat. It is overall well being of the dog. Brush your dog regularly. It will take away the shed coat and dust. Wash the brush regularly. Choose the right brush. Chow like other dogs shed hair twice a year. Take extra care of his during that time. Keep his teeth and ears clean. Give him his bath when he gets too dirty or smelly. Do not bathe him too often. Two or three times in a year is sufficient. Use good shampoo and conditioner.

How much to feed? Feed your dog well, but never over feed. A chow should be given food twice a day.


Swati takes pride of being a dog lover. Her current passions include blogging, writing and collecting dog pictures of various breeds. She is an active member of stray dog care society.

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