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How To Make a Dog Sleep?

One of the most difficult tasks faced by some dog owners is making the dog sleep. If you are among these pet owners, you can follow below mentioned suggestions that may help your dog sleep through the night. You can experiment with these suggestions in order to find the ones that work best for you and your canine companion.

dog sleep

1.) You should try to crate train your dog. The dog owners who crate their canine friends will swear by the success of this technique. The reason is simple; you provide dog with a safe retreat that belongs to no one but him and he knows exactly what this treat is for. Your dog needs a purpose and when you signal for him to go to his crate, he knows without any doubt that it is time to relax and sleep.

2.) You can provide your pooch with a quiet place to rest. The place should be away from children, television noise or other animals that rile him up. If your canine companion is a people-lover, he may feel more relaxed being at the bedside of their human friend than sequestered from the family.

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3.) You should massage your dog with techniques that calm him down. You can find a quite place for the massage and gently rub the fur around his neck rhythmically then speak to your dog in a calm voice. You can move the skin around the muscles of your dog as you feel him relax and lower his head. After that, rub towards the head and then reverse down his back in a consistent and calm motion. Try to focus on the ears and spine. You should continue the massage for at least twenty five minutes.

4.) Exercise is one of the best ways to healthy sleep. You can take the old fashioned route and run your dog until he becomes exhausted. Take a long walk and visit the dog park or send him in the backyard with kids, although it may has a reverse effect on the kids’ ability to fall asleep if it is bedtime for them, too.

5.) You should follow a bedtime routine for your canine companion. Just like children, dogs also need a bedtime routine. In night at particular time, let your dog get a drink of water and find him comfortable spot. Once he sees the lights go out and the home gets quiet, he eventually catches on to the routine and even looks forward to the consistency.


Hailing from Delhi, Prateek Tiwari is an avid animal lover who believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” A graduate in Biotechnology, he has vast knowledge about different breeds of pets and pet food that are both nutritious and promote healthy growth. In order to make people aware about pets and pet care, he shares his expertise through his blog posts.

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