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How To Save Your Dog From Fleas


Fleas are extremely annoying small pests and they can be a nightmare for you and your dog if you do not know how to kill them. The best measures to keep your dog away from fleas are usually preventative in nature. If fleas already latch themselves onto your beloved pet, there are also many curative ways to kill them. Here are ten effective curative and preventive ways to kill fleas and stop these pests from harming your canine companion.

  • Curative methods:

It can follow below mentioned curative methods to prevent your dog from flea attack:

1.Spot-on medication

The spot-on medications are actually very effective in making your dog’s body immune to the fleas. The drops of spot-on medication work by a process of translocation, and this medication spreads over the entire body by way of the oil glands. The best part of this medication is that it is not affected by swimming, bathing or rain and will kill and repel the pests for several weeks before reapplication. Before using any particular spot-on product, read all the labels carefully to make sure you are choosing the most appropriate product as per your dog’s size and age.

2.Oral Medications

If your pooch is suffering from serious flea infestation, using oral medications together with spot-on medication will accelerate the recovery process. The flea control pills in once a month work to disrupt the life cycle of the fleas. One of the best parts of oral medication is that you will not have to be concerned about kids coming into contact with the dog.

3.Flea Shampoos

You can bath your dog with a special medicated shampoo that kills fleas. It is an inexpensive preventive method to keep your dog safe during the flea season, or year round. You need to shampoo your dog more often, about every two weeks, because the effective ingredients in the flea shampoos won’t last as long as an oral or spot-on medication.

4.Flea Dips

The flea dip is a concentrated chemical which needs to be diluted in water and applied to the dog fur with a sponge. These are the chemical products and can be very potent. Its misuse can lead to toxic reactions in dogs as well as in the people treating them. These products are only used for severe infestations, and infrequently. The dips should not be used on very young dogs or on pregnant or nursing dogs due to its chemical potency. You should ask your veterinarian for proper advice before treating your pooch.

5.Flea Collars

There are various Flea collars available in the market that can repel and kill fleas. The effectiveness of these collars may depend on the invasiveness of the fleas in your dog’s environment. The collar needs to make contact with the skin of your dog to transfer the chemicals onto the skin and fur.While adjusting the flea collar around the neck of dog, make sure there is enough room to fit two fingers under the collar. You should cut off any excess length of the collar in order to prevent your dog from chewing it. You should carefully read labels while choosing a collar so as to make sure its size is appropriate.

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6.Powders and Sprays

The sprays and powders are relatively inexpensive ways of repelling fleas. You should be cautious while applying these products, as these can be irritating to the lungs and mouth if breathed in (for both humans and dogs). Make sure to use caution around the nose, eyes, and mouth. You will need to reapply these products more often, as these products will wear off the skin faster than a spot-on treatment.

  • Preventive Steps:

In flea season, you follow below mentioned methods to prevent your pooch from flea:

1.Clean House and garden

You should clean your house daily in order to save your pooch from the fleas. Try to vacuum in every corner of your house, and throw out the vacuum bag (if applicable) when you are finished the cleaning process. You should wash all the dog’s bedding and toys with warm soapy water.

2.Household Sprays and Foggers

Household Sprays and Foggers are some of the best tools for countering the flea infestation in your dogs. They kill fleas as well as their larvae and eggs as soon as they hatch. The sprays and foggers are readily available at your veterinarian’s office. Proper care must be taken while using these products as they are toxic to birds, fish, cats, and children.

3.Flea Traps

You can purchase readymade flea traps, or you can make your own. Flea Traps will help eliminate some of the adult fleas, but not the larvae or eggs. The home-made trap is made by setting a small dish of soapy water on ground near a light source at night. Fleas are attracted to the light and warmth, and will jump into the water where they will drown.


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