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How to Select The Right Winter Coat For Your Dog

Dog Winter Coat

The cold weather during winters can be a testing time for your dogs. While some dogs can protect themselves from the harsh cold outside, a large number of others cannot. The rest of them depend on warm clothes given by their owners to beat the chill.  Some categories of dogs who should be given warm clothes under any circumstances during winters are:

  • Short-haired or small breed dogs
  • Senior dogs and puppies
  • Skinny dogs
  • Dogs having weak immunity
  • Dogs recovering from injury

Before you buy a cloth for your dog, you may want to do some precautionary measures for avoiding any hassles in the future. 

Measure Your Dog Correctly

The correct measurement of your dog goes a long way in selecting the right cloth for them. To begin with, you should first measure your dog from the shoulder base to the tip of the tail. Then measure from their fattest part of the chest to the thinnest part of their waist. This is to ensure that the clothes you are going to buy shall be snuggly and comfortable for them. Lastly, you should measure them around their neck to get the collar size correct. 

Warmth of the Material

The whole purpose of buying jackets and denim for your dogs during winters is to provide them with sufficient warmth. Instead of colour and style, you should focus more on the warmth that the material offers.  Buying a funky cloth that doesn’t provide enough heat would defeat the whole purpose. 

If you are particular about the visual appeal, you should first select clothes that offer enough heat. Then from that lot, you can choose your favourite colour and style. 

Freedom of Movement

Even the best clothing won’t do any good for your dog if it is not allowing them to move freely. Comfort and the freedom to move freely are pre-requisites of proper dog clothing. First, you should check that no part of your dog cloth is rubbing on their body to prevent any discomfort. Second, verify there are no large gaps that restrict the entry of cold air. Finally, ensure that your dog can run full speed with his dress on.


This is one factor that most dog owners ignore while buying dog cloth. Visibility of your dog’s dress matters a lot during the morning walks. The mornings during winter usually are pretty dark and it gets more complicated if there are no lights. Dog hoodies having bright colours and reflective strips will help a lot in a case where your dogs move a fair distance away from you. 


For practical purposes, your dog’s cloth should be machine washable. This is because the regular walks and playing sessions can quickly make their clothes dirty. They might also acquire tough stains from outside that are difficult to remove. In such cases, dropping their dress directly into the washing machine is way easier than hand washing them. 

Check Weather Proofing 

Harsh winters can also bring bad weather alongside with it. Weatherproofing is ideal for these coats in such cases. If you can shield your dog from most of the dust outside, it would help in keeping them healthy. Also, a robust waterproof exterior is necessary to prevent the cloth against the snow as well as rains. These factors allow you to continue your morning walks with your dogs under every circumstance. 


Last, but not the least, your comfort adds to the list too. Any dog cloth you buy should be convenient for you to put on and off in your dog. It would be highly uncomfortable for the dogs if their clothes are hard to remove. Easily accessible straps and quick-release clasps are two of the key features of user-friendly dog clothing. Avoid any dress that needs to be pulled over the heads or limbs of the dog as it can frighten them out.  

These are some general tips that would help you to buy the best clothing for your dog. Also, make sure that you are providing your pets with enough physical activity to keep them healthy and fit this winter. 


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