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How To Train A Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier is a highly loving, friendly and active dog. Considered as the clown amongst all dog breeds, it takes its position quite seriously. This dog loves to spend time with its owner and enjoy a great time with them. An active family, is what it needs to keep up its energy levels high. They may be a little aggressive towards strangers and other animals. Timely and suitable training can ensure that the problem is sorted and they get easier with other pets and strangers coming to their home.


Importance of Bull Terrier Training

Many times, it is seen that owners go for those training methods for their pet that they feel comfortable in, rather than those that are beneficial for them. This is the wrong approach to training a Bull Terrier, especially if you have high hopes for him. The “positive training” is quite popular these days and using treats and rewards is the most used training methodology. Using treats, these pets can be motivated to work hard on their training sessions. Besides positive training, it is important that the pets also learn to respect their owners. Taking care of these aspects will help you to get a perfectly desirable companion.

Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Bull Terrier

These days, training a Bull Terrier has become so much easier with a wide array of training accessories and equipment like muzzles, harnesses, Agitation Stick, Plastic Anti-pulling devices, treat bags and many more in high quality. Using them, the task of a pet owner becomes quite easy and convenient. They are able to train their pets using these equipment. Besides making use of these tools, it is important to take your pet for his regular walk twice in a day and allow him to exercise his body by running, jumping, etc. This way, he will be able to retain his energy levels and stay active and energetic.

Types of Training Methods for Bull Terrier

A variety of training methods are used to train a Bull Terrier. Some of them are-

Obedience Training

When training your dog, the biggest advantage gained by the pet owner is the deep and strong bond shared with them. It is also important to ensure obedience and respect in the eyes of the dog for its owner. At the same time, care should be taken that while training your dog, you should not be so strict that your pet tends to lose its unique personality characteristics. Dogs are by nature attention seeking and they indulge in various antics to grab attention of their owners. It is up to the owner to inculcate desired behavior in their pets and also ensure their obedience.


Clicker Training

A Bull Terrier loves to indulge in a variety of activities and will work hard to ensure that it gets good response from you as an owner. Use clicker sound along with a desirable behavior so that the dog understand that you will be happy if it does something good. Also, treat him with a reward so that this positive behavior is reinforced. The clicker is used to reinforce a variety of behaviors, including leash wearing.

Positive Reinforcements

Positive training or reward based training has gained a lot of popularity when training a Bull Terrier. Keep some favorite treats ready for your beloved pet so that while training, he learns a new trick or indulges in a positive behavior, you can immediately reward him. Anticipating such treats or rewards would keep him on the straight and narrow and help him become a model pet for you. Use praises and loving sounds to make your dog feel loved and appreciated at the same time. Thus, a perfect blend of food and praises as a reward can help you to reinforce a particular behavior in your pet.

Different Trainings Required for A Bull Terrier

When training your Bull Terrier, certain factors need to be taken care of, such as:


  • Initially, your dog may react aggressively towards strangers and other animals and as such it it important that he socialization process of Bull Terriers begin as soon as they brought home.
  • This will take off the aggressive edge off from their personality and they will feel relatively less fearful or stressed when faced with a situation when socialization is required
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  • It is important that the dog is trained to be respectful towards its owner right from the early stage
  • Basic commands must be made to understand like stay, sit, stand, etc., to ensure proper behavior

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to Bull Terrier

Do’s Don’ts
Use soft but firm and explanatory voice when training your pet Never shout, yell, be violent at your dog
Allow the pet to think and use its intelligence during the training session Do not be inconsistent with your behavior or approach when training your pet.

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for Bull Terrier

  • Patience is a virtue that you must use abundantly while training your dog as they may seem to lose your attention pretty quickly.
  • Keep Training sessions and lessons simple and gradually increase its complexity.



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