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IIPTF Bengaluru 2015: An event of the pets and for the pets

It is not every day that one witnesses a grand event where everything literally revolves around pets. Under one roof, lots of business deals were made, networks built, plenty of reliable information was dispersed and a wide range of fun activities took place – all concerning our dear pets. We are talking about India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) which recently took place in Bengaluru from 6th to 8th February, 2015.


Held at Karnataka Trade Promotion Centre (KTPO), White Field Industrial Area, Bengaluru, this was the 8th edition of the fair. An annual event, last IIPTF (7th) took place in ­Pune and all the earlier ones were held in Delhi.

India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF) is the largest pet event in India, and also holds the distinction of being the only pet trade fair in South Asia. The three days of the fair were well-attended and created quite a stir in the City of Gardens.

Growing awareness, increasing trend of nuclear families and rising disposable incomes, all have a big role to play in augmentation of Indian pet industry. The expanding community of pet lovers has brought this grand event to Bengaluru this year.

In the words of Binoy Sabee, director IIPTF, the trade fair “is for foreign manufacturers, Indian manufacturers and importers and Indian exporters to showcase their products. Business visitors come from across India, international buyers from other countries to source pet products made in India. And (it is) for pet owners to see a variety of pet products and services. To understand more about responsible pet ownership and have a day out with their pets…”

Single platform

The fair gave a common meeting ground to various national and international companies. The buyer-seller meet organized at the IIPTF offered the pet manufacturers, retailers and distributers a means to extend their network.

It also represents a platform where pet enthusiasts from different spheres of life come to share their experiences and concerns and give the pets a little world of their own. One can also check out various food products and accessories meant for their respective animal.

Health & Grooming

A session concerning best breeding practices and a vet conference took place on 7th and 8th Feb, respectively, and saw a lively interaction between pet owners and experts. Dog Guru Amrut held truly enlightening sessions with pet owners to impart tips on dog training along with insights into a canine’s (pup/adult) mind and behaviour.

Pet grooming workshop conducted by professional pet groomers from all across the country was held for pet owners, demonstrating the benefits of proper grooming.

Contest & Rewards

A high dose of cuteness was personified in the dog show and dog grooming competition which saw the dogs styled as tiger, batman and in various other avatars. Dog show, judged by KCI’s all-breed judge Yashodhara Hemchandra, was well-attended  by excited dog owners and cooperating doggies.

The IIPTF awards were given in various categories to honour the distinctive contributions and other acts of brilliance in the pet industry.

Pet adoption camps were organised, on all three days, introducing lovely furry companions as the new family members to the people.

Some art and info

Art knows no boundaries; well the famous saying can be seen in the creative and brilliant exhibitions of jungles, mountains, deserts and other natural wonders in aquariums. Experts also gave vital information about setting up and maintaining a fish tank.

‘Know 10 Rare Breeds’ was another amusing segment of the event wherein information about rare breeds of dogs, cats and fish were given to the visitors.

Cafe for dog!!

IIPTF was like a wonderland for the dogs. How can a wonderland be devoid of gastronomic delights? To complete the party, Cafe Canine offered healthy, mouth-watering and freshly baked products to the dogs.

The pet event culminated on 8th February 2015 and was a success in every respect. With the kind of response it has gained ever since its inception, it is believed to become bigger and better with each passing year.

Hope to catch up with you in the next IIPTF. Till than happy petting!


Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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