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Healthy Dog Guide: Caring Tips For Your Senior Dog

Taking care of an old dog requires lots of love, patience and understanding. As the dogs age, they experience many changes and their body functions start to decline slowly. They become less active, may feel difficulty in walking or getting up, their sense of awareness declines and they might have problems in seeing or hearing.


With age their memory also gets affected. This might make them forget previously learn t training. You can also find some changes in their behaviors like they can become aggressive towards other pets in the house. Their relationship with the family can also change as sometimes old dogs tend to become too dependent on you or they can even become totally aloof and expects no need for your affection. Old age can also impact their eating habits and sleeping patterns. You must watch the aging signs carefully to find out any hint of medical problem. Old dogs need our love, care and compassion as they are totally dependent on us.



Old dogs can forget the previously learn t training so it is important to continue their training in old age too. But you must keep in mind their reduced energy level, declining body functions and eyesight and hearing and then train him accordingly. You can ask a professional dog trainer and make the training routine less hectic, more playful and fun. It is very important to keep your dog’s mind active to maintain good mental balance. You can also take advice from your vet about the right kind of training and physical activity for your senior dog.



Feeding your dog the right food is important for his health and well being. Every breed has different requirements. Many varieties of dog food is available in the market. You can pick the best dog food. As the dog gets old, his eating habit may change. Like old people old dogs also tend to eat less with age. Old dogs may lose or gain weight with age so they must be fed accordingly. As they get older, they should be given light food which they can digest easily. It is advisable to take advice from your vet on the right diet for your dog.


Grooming and Coat

To keep your dog clean and healthy right grooming is essential. Keeping good hygiene is important. After all the dogs stay with you in your house so they should be kept clean all the time. Grooming is not only about taking care of their coat. It is overall well being of the dog. Brush your dog regularly. It will take away the shed coat and dust. Wash the brush regularly. Choose the right brush. Clean his ears and brush his teeth. Use a good quality of shampoo and conditioner.


How much to feed? Normally you should feed your dog twice a day. Feed them well, but never over feed them. With age, they become less active so don’t feed too much.


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