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Interview with Sherry Daroch – Co-owner of Shevar, Bengaluru

Confucius said – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This saying is well reflected in the choices that Sherry and Varun Daroch made in their career. The dentist couple left their conventional and lucrative profession to do what they truly love and care about. Shevar – a pet spa and grooming parlour in Bengaluru – is the result of their passion for four-legged furry darlings. Sherry Daroch gave a glimpse of their job and the emotions associated with it in a candid interview to Pets World.


1. Tell us about Shevar and about the various services that you offer. What according to you is the USP of Shevar?

Shevar is a professional spa and grooming parlour for dogs, cats and rabbits. We offer different packages ranging from basic hygiene to complete grooming which includes various services like anti tick and flea treatment, ayurvedic massage (only for dogs), nail clipping, ear cleaning and hair cutting.

 As far as our USP is concerned, Shevar is the result of our love and devotion towards animals. You can count these priceless feelings as the USP of Shevar.

2. Shevar is a combination of Sherry and Varun. But, originally, whose idea or dream was Shevar from among the two of you. Are both of you professionally qualified to offer pet grooming services?

 Shevar (Sherry + Varun) is the culmination of our dreams, and the name itself reflects it. From among us Varun is a certified canine and feline groomer. He pursued the course from Singapore. I got my training in pet grooming under Varun.

 3. Pet grooming is an unconventional choice with respect to traditional Indian view of a stable and conventional career. Did you face any trouble in pursuing your interest from your family, relatives or friends?

Being dentists by profession, we were expected to follow a regular course of life, i.e. to open a dental clinic, which we, thankfully, didn’t. We faced a lot of pressure from family and friends.  Shevar is the result of our unyielding faith in our dream. And now, fortunately, our loved ones are happy and proud of our achievements.

 4. You also offer a grooming course; doesn’t it make you nervous as you nurture your future competitors.


 We have started the training course which in itself is a proof that we are devoted towards the cause of animal hygiene and welfare. There is no question of being nervous about the competition. Moreover, as a prerequisite we also ask all the prospective students to take pet grooming as a career only if they are passionate about pets and are ready to put in a lot of hard work and patience.

5. How important is grooming for our pet animals, and how much relevance this concept gets in India?

Grooming our pets is as important as grooming ourselves. Being a part of our family, the pets also need to look and smell good besides being healthy.Now-a-days, awareness about pet grooming is on the rise in India. And slowly, but surely, it is being looked upon as a necessity rather than a luxury as in the west.

6. Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Do you agree with this statement? Please tell us how much you relate with it.

 The saying is absolutely correct. If you do what you love, you do it with all your heart, and the result is always awesome!

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Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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