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6 Tips to Keep Your Pet Cats Healthy and Happy

Keep Your Cats Healthy and Happy

Cats are ideal companions who love to curl up on us all day long. They are often considered the unsung heroes of a house because they don’t make much of a fuss like other pets do, but yet they keep us relaxed and joyful. Above all, cats respect our privacy whenever we feel like being alone for some time.

But do we as owners give them the joy they really deserve? A lot of us might be successful in doing so, but yet there can be room for many confusions and misconceptions.

In this blog, we will discuss six easy tips on how you can keep your pet felines in excellent health. Hopefully, these tips shall help you tremendously in keeping your cats in good shape in the years to come. So, let us begin

1) Give Them a Nutritious Diet

Your cat’s overall health significantly depends on the diet they are in. Providing them with nutritious cat food goes a long way in keeping an excellent immunity and wellbeing in your felines. While choosing a cat food, be certain to choose a high-quality formula and also read the ingredient’s list. You should know that dry and canned cat food with higher levels of protein are ideal for your cats.

Did you know that wild cats get hydrated through the live prey they consume after hunting and consequently they have a low thirst drive. However, this is not the case with domestic cats. They are mostly idle indoors and hence need regular hydration otherwise it may increase the chance of urinary problems.

Feed your cat a diet designed for their needs and see them flourish.

2) Comb Your Cat Daily if Possible

Even though cats like to groom themselves, they still need some brushing from your side to maintain excellent skin hygiene. Know that regular brushing also helps in preventing hairballs that can develop in their digestive tract.

Before selecting a brush, you should see if your cat is experiencing a specific hair problem or not. For example, if they are facing tangles and mats, it is best to use a double-sided brush. If they are facing hair fall because of their long hair, try an Undercoat Rake Grooming Brush which helps a lot in removing dirt and debris, thus keeping a healthy hair root.

3) Clean Their Litter Box Regularly

Cats are naturally clean animals who have a highly sensitive nose and thus prefer a hygienic litter box. So, you may need to clean their litter box from time to time. Cleaning their litter box daily also helps a great deal to prevent urinary and digestive infections in the cats.

If by any chance, you see blood in your cat’s urine or stool, you should immediately call up the vet. Also notice if your cat has been boycotting their litter box lately, then it could be a sign of a serious infection. Seek medical assistance in this case too.

4) Engage Your Cats in Active Play

Even though cats like to stay aloof most of the time, they still need regular playing sessions for keeping themselves physically healthy and mentally agile. It would be best to provide your cats with some engaging cat toys that stimulate their brain and also boost the overall bond between you too.

You would be surprised to know that just like dogs, cats also like to learn new tricks and commands. They too are interested in keeping their owners happy and hence would do anything to please them. We suggest you buy them some good cat treats that would help a lot in persuading them to do tasks.

5) Neuter Your Cat

Neutering or Spaying cats goes a long way in improving the overall wellbeing of your cats. Say for example, spaying female cats is known to significantly decrease the occurrence of breast tumors and uterine infections. While on the other hand, neutering a male cat helps in toning down their aggression and also reduces the likelihood of prostate problems.

6) Give them a Good Scratching Post

Though this might seem like just another piece of furniture for you, a scratching post holds tremendous value for the cats. Not only does it help your cat’s claws to be in proper shape, but it is also a great exercise as well as a stress buster for the felines.

Not just adult cats, kittens too benefit tremendously from scratching posts. You might have noticed how kittens have this burst of energy and how they run around relentlessly in the house. These posts help them to divert their energy while also saving the precious furniture in your home.

Final Say

Despite these tips proving tremendously useful to you in keeping your cat healthy, you should not forget the importance of love. Love is the most powerful force in the world and it hkals animals too, just like it heals human beings. This is important in the case of cats because unlike wild cats, domesticated cats crave a lot of attention from their owners.

Whenever you get time, snuggle your cat, love your cat, play with your cat and you will be surprised to see how it nourishes the cat from inside out.


With over 15 years of experience in dealing with pets, the PetsWorld Team is now a constant guide for thousands of pet owners in India. Their passion for improving the lives of pets can be seen in their featured blog posts dedicated to pet care.

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