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Interview with Pooja Advani – Pet Expert And Owner of Doggie Dog World

‘It’s a Doggiie Dog World’

In India, the concept of pet care is still at a nascent stage. As part of our efforts to bring everything related to pets under one virtual roof, we bring to you ‘It’s a Doggiie Dog World’. It is a luxury pet wellness centre located in Mumbai, owned and managed by Pooja Advani. This centre had been Pooja’s long-awaited dream. She has realised it after getting herself trained in various fields related to pet care, and working with international pet care centers.


Pooja is a passionate dog lover, who seeks bliss in the silent words of joy of her furry clients. Let us know her better…

Please tell us about ‘It’s A Doggiie Dog World’?

‘It’s A Doggiie Dog World’ is Mumbai’s first fully furnished pet wellness centre which provides services like 12 hour Daycare, 24 hour boarding, swimming, grooming, obedience training, and behaviour consultancy for your four-legged family members. It’s a 2500 sq ft fully air-conditioned bungalow, with the latest equipments, products, an indoor UV sterilised heated swimming pool, and an outdoor activity area.


A pet centre that specialises in all aspects of pet care is what culminates into Doggiie Dog World (DDW). It was my dream to create a specialised pet centre that meets international standards while creating an environment that is homely and hospitable, for pups and kitties alike.

What inspired you to take up pet care as a profession?

My love for dogs/animals started as a child, with my very first pets Tootsie and Prince. However, my current pets Bobo and Baloo are the true inspiration behind my pet venture – Doggiie Dog World.

Always been a passionate animal lover, I decided to convert my love and passion into my work. The desire was further fuelled by the absence of excellent infrastructure and services for pets in India, which one can easily find abroad. And hence, I decided to set up a centre which was about welfare, rehabilitation, and lots of fun. My motto was to create an absolute home away from home for pets.

I went to Singapore and then to London to get myself educated in various aspects of pet care, and became a certified groomer, dog trainer, K9 behaviourist, quantum-touch practitioner and hydrotherapist.

Working and managing different grooming salons/pet centres internationally, made me more definite about my ideas, and the concept of a luxury pet wellness centre, in the form of Doggiie Dog World, finally took shape.

3.How much support did you get from your family in pursuing your passion?

I have always had the support of my parents/family to achieve my dream of creating a pet care centre. My parents reassured and encouraged me always to pursue my dreams and ambitions. Doggiie Dog World has been possible only because of their absolute support and faith in me.

4.How important is regular grooming for a dog/cat?


It is as important as grooming yourself! It’s the basic hygiene that needs to be taken care of to avoid infections and diseases on the skin or in the ears.

Grooming is not just about keeping your pet good-looking and smart, but it is a combination of creating a hygienic healthcare regime along with training your pet. Simply put, grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy. For long coated or double coated dogs, especially, grooming is the most essential bit since their coats gets matted very easily.

Regular grooming will help you to save on veterinary bills. Dogs need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks whereas cats can be groomed less frequently, about every 8-12 weeks.

5.You are also a hydrotherapist. The concept sounds very new when it comes to pet care, here in India. Can you please elaborate on it?

Hydrotherapy, in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following a surgery, traumatic injury, or certain hereditary/geriatric conditions like hip dysplasia arthritis, joint problems and so on.  In such cases, the appropriate use of hydrotherapy can help with rehabilitation and increases the chance of a successful return to complete fitness.

Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for young growing dogs diagnosed with developmental conditions. It is a great a cardiovascular exercise for dogs, in general, and helps them keep fit. Doggiie Dog World is the only pet care centre in Mumbai that offers this healing technique for dogs and cats alike.

6.Do you plan to spread ‘Doggiie Dog World’ to other parts of India?

Yes. We don’t have any concrete plans as yet, but when the time is right we would definitely expand in Mumbai and all over India.

7.Your actual customers are those who cannot speak. How do you measure your performance or job satisfaction then?

This is something only a person in my profession can relate to – it’s not a job! It’s like working with the best clients ever. The amount of unconditional love you receive is always overwhelming. When a dog progresses from being paralyzed to running on the ground, it gives me a very different kind of satisfaction that cannot be explained in words! It’s the best feeling in the world!

When our patrons enter or leave the facility, they have an automatic spring in their steps; the enthusiasm displayed by the pets and owners alike, is the kind of job satisfaction, DDW looks for.

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Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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