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Learn the proper way to walk your dog on leash. Good Dog Walk, DECODED!

Bliss is a state of healthy body and mind for dogs and what better way mindful Pet Parents can gift this to their dog than a robust daily walking session outdoors. In order to master the proper way to walk a dog, start early and keep a steady training regime for puppies and young dogs using consistent commands and that too relentlessly till the outcome of good dog training is achieved.
It is true that some dog breeds are easier to train than others and same goes for different dogs of the same breed, however consistency is the key here with lots and lots of TLC.


Introduce your puppy early to dog collars:

Use of a collar/leash must begin at an early stage in a dog’s life. You can make your young adorable pooches wear a good puppy collar at all times, the collar mustn’t be too tight and ideally you should be able to place a finger or two between the collar and the dog’s neck to ascertain it comfortability.

It’s time for the Walk!


Whenever it is time for its walk, point towards the leash saying aloud `time for walk’ or any other similar command that implies that its time for your dog to venture outdoors. This will help put things in clear perspective in your pooch’s mind.

The very first stroll and a few more might leave your pup jaded, as there could be some resistance to the leash. Therefore resting in a shady spot for a while becomes very important along the length of the walk.


Start with a short leash.

67fef8e2019ac9270503e4e8086af6a9 This will enable a quicker reaction from the animal and will give you better control over your pet. Attach the leash on the top of the collar for dispensing effective guidance to your beloved.

Never Allow to walk ahead and a simple trick to this is to keep the leash and the pull closer to your body; this will make the dog feel a virtual force resisting him to get ahead of you. Some dogs may require dog training leashes as they outgrow adolescence. Consult your vet in selecting a leash-collar set according to the dog’s body weight.

Act and command like a pack leader.

Lead your dog at every step to become a successful leader and an eventual alpha in the eye of your pet. When its time for your dogs work out, be the first to step out of your home and let your pet follow suit. Let him/her walk beside or after you through out the walk. Once done be the first to re enter the house.


Talk while you walk


Your dog might not understand your language but it can surely comprehend the tone in your voice. Use modulation in your voice to convey your message to your pet. Reinforce positive behaviors and use a stern voice to discourage negative actions such as barking at passersby or other dogs. Terminology such as ‘keep it up’ and ‘good job’ can be used to encourage a positive trait.

Keep Dog Treats Handy.

Always reward with a training treat whenever your dog follows the command. Use home made dog treats or Jerhigh Stix or anything that works with your dog and is healthy for him. Some popular ones that can be easily found in most pet shops in India are Choostix lamb nuggets and Jerhigh blueberry, strawberry and banana flavored chicken sticks for dogs.
Dog Training Clicker! What’s That?
When training your dog to walk or teaching him not to pull on the leash. You can use a clicker device or a high frequency dog whistle followed by some much relished treat to promote right actions on part of your beloved. Also the pooch’s good behavior can be rewarded by allowing him to sniff around and roam freely for a while before you resume the walk.

Choose the right time to walk your furry paw


Hot afternoons should be avoided as the paths can get excessively hot for your dog’s feet. The best time would be early mornings and evenings to head with your pet. Keep a track of temperatures and thereby determine the time to walk your dog. In case long evening dog walks is your pick, arm your dog with bright/reflective colored accessory or even better an LED Dog Collar.

Fitness Freak?? [Stay Active with your Dog!]

How long is a good dog walk?

Well long enough to make your puppies spent out the excess energy and have optimum exercise. It is advisable to walk your beloved furry buddy for a minimum of thirty minutes twice daily. Though, this general rule may not be applicable to canine breeds that are highly energetic, thereby requiring frequent or slightly longer sessions in a day.

Things to carry along

For long walks, you can use an easy to carry, dog water bottle to keep the canine well hydrated. A dog treat waist pouch, poop bags, healthy snacks can also make it more fun.

It is the parent’s responsibility to make the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable for his/her four legged baby. A walk with your dog will also strengthen the beautiful bond the two of you share enabling better understanding and mutual admiration. Like rightly said that no bad dogs but only bad dog owners.


With over 15 years of experience in dealing with pets, the PetsWorld Team is now a constant guide for thousands of pet owners in India. Their passion for improving the lives of pets can be seen in their featured blog posts dedicated to pet care.

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