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List of Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Or Shed Less

Dog breeds that don’t shed or shed very little are those that have a strong coat. Most of them are small dog breeds but some of them are larger in size. The shedding in dogs is a major point that is taken under consideration by most of the people while buying a pet. Some people choose the canine that don not shed, as they believe that such dogs with no shedding catch less allergies. Few people want avoid the housekeeping concerns and thus prefer the dog’s with no shedding problems. Almost every dog in the world shed some hair. However, few dog breeds shed their hair in a negligible amount and thus come under the list of non-shedding dogs. Here is the list of the dog breeds that do not comprise the shedding of hair:

Afghan Sheepdog

This dog breed is a crossbreed between Belgian Sheepdog and Afghan Hound. These dogs are brave and dominant. They have a trait of being reasonably independent and extremely vigilant.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu Dogs were originated in China. They have long and silky hair. These dogs are loyal, alert, outgoing and affectionate. Because of their active nature, these dogs turn out to be an excellent watchdog.

Maltese Terrier

Maltese Dogs are the small breed that belongs to the toy group. They are the descents of the dogs originated in Central Mediterranean Area. There structure comprise slightly rounded skull consisting a finger wide dome.

Miniature Schnauzer

This dog breed is a group of small dogs originated in Germany. They come in the colors like silver, black, solid black and rarely white. This breed is renowned globally for its small size and temperament.

Boston Terrier

This breed was originated in united States of America. These dogs are real , brindle or black in color with white marking. According to the American kennel Club, this dog can be trained very easily and are highly intelligent as well.


West Highland Terrier

These dogs are also known as Westy or Westie. It is a Scottish dog breed and has a distinctive white coat. This breed is highly popular in UK. The unique trait about them is that they do not tolerate the rough handling.

Bichon Frise

The name refers to curly lap dog in French. It is a small breed of dog and falls under Bichon category. They look somewhat similar to Maltese and are the member of toy dog group. These dogs are cheerful and sensitive in nature.

Yorkshire Terrier

It is a small breed of dog developed in the Yorkshire, England. They are also nicknamed as Yorkies. Their hairs are glossy, silky, fine and straight. Traditionally, their coat grows very long.


They are short-legged and long-bodied dogs, which belong to the hound family. They are typically muscular with large and paddle shaped front paws. They have deep chest that provides augmented lung capacity increasing the stamina for hunting.


It is a group of formal dog breed. They are skillful in dog sports that include herding, tracking, agility and obedience. They are believed to be originated in Germany. Unlike the other dogs, poodles don’t have any undercoat.


It is a small dog breed belonging to Hungary. Their tight curls in the coat make them virtually waterproof. The Puli usually comes in black and is a solid colored pooch. Their coat needs remarkable grooming and it can become very long with age.


It is a breed of hunting dogs. They were originated in Central Africa. These dogs are small, shorthaired and look elegant. Their forehead is wrinkled even in the young age. Basenjis are enthusiastic dogs that come in the colors like brindle, tricolor, red and black.


This dog breed was originated in Germany. They come in gray and tan, black and tan, and fawn in color. These dogs have harsh rough coat, which is shaggier over the top. This coat can be fluffier and softer if clipped properly. Interestingly, they have remarkable monkey-like expression.


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