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List of Indian Dog Breeds with Pictures

Indian dog breeds come in various sizes. They can be found anywhere from narrow village pathways to the busiest city streets of India. We have compiled a list of some of the popular Indian dogs along with their pictures to widen your knowledge about them.

1. Breed Name: Indian Pariah


Other Names: Pie dog, Pi dog, Pye dog, Indian native dog, INDog

Appearance: Double coated medium sized dog with about 20-25 inches height. Common colours are spotted brown or dark and reddish brown. It is also found in black colours.

Region Where it’s Found: Widely found all across India.

2. Breed Name: Rajapalayam


Other Names: Indian Sighthound

Appearance: Heavier boned large dog found in milk white, solid black and brown colors.

Region Where it’s Found: Southern parts of India

3. Breed Name: Mudhol Hound


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Other Names: Caravan Hound, Pashmi

Appearance: Found in various colours like fawn, fallow, red, cream, black, and mouse-grey. This Indian dog breed has long and narrow head broad between the ears.

Region Where it’s Found: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh

4. Breed Name: Rampur Greyhound


Other Names: North-Indian Greyhound

Appearance: 24″–27″ in length, deep chest, sprung ribs with a long tail slightly curving upwards.

Region Where it’s Found: Northern India

5. Breed Name: Chippiparai


Other Names:  Indian Sighthound

Appearance: This is a medium sized dog having a  fawn, reddish brown, slight black tinged coat, silver-grey, with limited white markings. They have a long curved tail.

Region Where it’s Found: South India

6. Breed Name: Kanni


Appearance: Black and tan in colour but limited white on chest and feet. Looks similar to Doberman Pinscher.

Region Where it’s Found: Tamil Nadu

7. Breed Name:Gaddi Kutta


Other Names: Indian Gaddi, Gaddi Watchdog

Appearance: Muscular, deep chested Gaddi is athletic in nature with great speed. Thay are found usually with cropped ears.

Region Where it’s Found: Northern India

8. Breed Name: Combai


Other Names: Kombai, Indian Bear Hound

Appearance: Looks more like Rajapalayam, this dog breed is red brown in colour with a black mask. They have strong jaws , savage temper and a tendency to be much more active.

Region Where it’s Found: South of India


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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  • Golden retrievers

    Golden retriever

  • kiran

    what about street dogs, they are more stronger, active and faithful than these dogs.

    • Che Mir

      The street dogs are usually mutts so no specific breeds and as they are mutts usually they are more resistant to diseases and are stronger but as it is a gamble on behavior as you would not know which one took more precedence. OTOH – this list is not complete. There are many Himalayan breeds that are not listed here.

    • Kiran ka napunsak baapu

      Chup kar desh dhrohi raand

  • RAmya

    combai can we grow at home?

  • miley

    bad dogs i don`t like these so ugly dogs i like that dogs they have fury fur and faty faty skin like chow chow,shi tzu,and golden retriever these are the cutest dog ever ^.^ ^.^ heheheehe^.^ ^.^

    bye bye this is my discussion

    • boy dog

      i like boy dogs bea…………. the dogs very scared from humans

    • Simran

      Miley these dogs may be impure breeds but these breeds have developed according to the condition of the land they can survive extreme heat or cold with Golden retrievers need air conditioning in summers and if you go on looks more then you are ugly

    • riya

      Like u r d most ugly person….uglier than reptiles…filthy creature u r…

  • Shantideva Oum

    I love my Indian breeds one here not mentioned are the most hardy of Indian breeds called “GADDI’S” here is some info about the breed

    Gaddi (Himalayan Sheep dog) also known as Indian Panther Dog

    Gaddi is a mastiff-type mountain dog found in northern India, especially states in the western Himalayas region.
    Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
    Higher classification: Dog
    Height: 56 – 79 cm (Adult, Male)
    Mass: 40 – 45 kg (Adult, Male)
    Origin: India
    Temperament: Gentle, Calm, Intelligent, Territorial


    The Gaddi
    is thought to have been developed by the Asur King Mahidant of Meerut
    by crossing the wild dingo-like hounds (these dingo type dogs are not
    dholes but are a type of wild mastiff type of pariahs, descended from
    the massive Hyrcanian dogs), found in the Jamuna Khader region of India,
    with the Sha-Khyi variety or fighting line of Tibetan Mastiffs for
    hunting purposes. Similar to other breeds of the area and belonging to
    the lighter strain of Central Asian dogs, this ancient Molosser is an
    agile and powerful breed, used for trailing and confronting panthers and
    other large game in the past, although these dogs are rarely used by
    hunters today. Mostly found in India, it also exists in small numbers in
    neighboring Pakistan, although not many examples are pure, with most of
    the lines reportedly having been crossed with the popular Bully Kutta
    breed and even containing some German Shepherd blood.


    The Gaddi
    is intuitive, calm and gentle with its owner, making an agreeable
    family pet when socialized properly, but it can be quite aggressive
    towards other dogs and strange people. Currently, this territorial and
    reserved breed is mostly employed to control livestock and to protect
    its master’s property, as well as occasionally being pitted against
    other dogs, even though the Gaddi is not considered to be a fighting breed.


    Leaner than most mastiffs, the Gaddi
    is athletic, deep-chested and muscular, capable of great speeds and
    prized for its stamina. When left in its natural state, the tail curls
    over the dog’s back.

    Two main coat types are observed in the
    breed, the shorthaired variety and the more common, slightly fuller coat
    of medium length, somewhat shorter on the body with longer feathering
    on the chest, legs and tail. Although some dogs have small white
    markings, the Gaddi Kutta is usually
    solid coloured, with most dogs seen in lighter pastel shades, like
    cream, fawn, and yellow, but brindle, brown, and piebald dogs can be
    found as well.

    Males are between 22 to 31 inches in height and 40
    to 45 kilograms in weight, while females are between 20 to 28 inches in
    height and 35 to 40 kilograms in weight. The size, however, varies
    greatly and the dogs that are around 25 inches tall are the ones most

  • Hrithvik Chandrakar

    I have,one,Puppy (golu) and one Cat (tunni) both. Are my life, ,,,,

  • Saeesh Naik

    can any1 help me in identifying my dogs breed??




    Plse identify my dogs breed & say me

  • Upasana Dutta

    Can anybody help me identify my dog…ppl say its a mixed breed but now after seeing the photos above i feel my dog is a gaddi kutta breed with little less fur as shes frm maharashtra…she has a slightly elongated mouth, very soft fur

  • pawan sharma

    Friends there is one more infian famous breed name bully kutta or Indian mastiff this breed is the father off most of mastiff dogs when Alexander comes to India that time fewofhis soldiers keep this dog to there country this a old time belive they cross breed with others and make most of the mastiff dogs before I have one bully trust me very intelligent dog

  • Pandit Ram

    What about the Slumdog Millionaire?

  • sangamesh Ajja

    Please can anyone tel my dog’s Breed name 🙂 It died 10 days ago, missing it..

  • sangamesh Ajja

    can anyone identify my tanku’s breed?