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Maltese Dog Training Methods

The Maltese is a breed of Toy Dogs and have originated in Malta, a central Mediterranean island. Maltese dogs are referred as “Cuddle Dogs” due to their long and silky coat. If well kept this breed of dogs does not shed hair. They do lack an undercoat and hence cannot tolerate cold conditions. Maltese are dogs that are very easy going and therefore easier to maintain.Maltese are thick skinned dogs that are prone to let your irregularities and inconsistency go by, if this is your first pet Maltese is an excellent choice.

maltese training

The Maltese is the dog one should not leave alone. They love their pack and cannot tolerate being left alone. It panics them and makes them anxious. An anxious dog is going to whine, chew, creates a havoc. In order to avoid such circumstances, you have to make sure your Maltese pet is not left alone at any time. Moreover, being around a family member calms them and gives them a sense of security.

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Importance of Maltese’s Training

Maltese are over-friendly dogs and get along even with strangers that want their ill. This is the most important reason to train your dog well. Also, Maltese are sometimes intolerant of small kids and other dogs making it utmost important to train your dog well. If your Maltese is pampered a lot it might begin to bite animals and people that according to him pose a threat to his and his owner’s relationship.

Maltese are therefore not a good choice with families having small kids. Your pet should know his place in your family. The Maltese has an adorable and cute look yet they have high energies and your pet must learn to channelize his energies. Your dog is responsive and can be a great watch dog if he has been provided training accordingly. These beautiful dogs must be trained well to bring out the best in them.

Maltese Dog

Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Maltese

Pet Market is loaded with a wide variety of pet training equipments and accessories available these days. Before commencing training sessions with your Maltese, you should check out the available options. These tools actually help a lot while training your pet and makes training a lot easier. The Maltese loves to play and due to high energy needs regular exercise, hence, use of appropriate and correct equipment and accessories will enhance its exercise and fun.

Types of Training Methods for Maltese

A variety of training methods are used to train a Maltese. Some of them are-

Positive Reinforcements

Positive Reinforcements and rewards at a suitable time is the best mode of training on Maltese.  As Maltese are sensitive and affectionate and with rewards, motivation and appreciation are going to make your pet at his best behavior. Your dog will need to learn just what the desired responses to your commands are. Maltese dogs are going to do anything to please their owner.

Clicker Training

The Maltese will very quickly learn this mode of learning. All you need is a clicker. It is a device that makes a click sound and is easily available online and in pet stores. Feed your dog with each click and he will learn that a click means a treat and during training when you will click for appreciating him. He will know it is a reward. You can use a make-yourself clicker also where you can use any object that makes a click sound but do not confuse your dog by changing the object.

Corrective Reinforcements

Correction Reinforcement training is coined as “old school” by trainers following positive reinforcements or a combination of correction and combination reinforcements. In this method you correct your dog’s response with lead, collar or the new accessories available in market until he gives you the desired response. Correction reinforcements can help you achieve your goals way too fast with Maltese as they are easy-going and smart.

Different Trainings Required for Maltese

When training your Maltese, certain factors need to be taken care of, such as:


  • Maltese are overenthusiastic and friendly dogs with even strangers.
  • They are not good with small children and other dogs.

maltese-and-cat Obedience

  • Your pet should learn to obey you.
  • Serious behavior issues can be expected from your dog if he hasn’t gone through basic dog obedience training.

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for Maltese

  • Be appreciative while training your dog.
  • Your mistakes will roll down his back, but do not change his schedule a lot.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to Maltese

Do’s Don’t’s
Use a determined yet gentle voice while training. Do not reward unnecessarily.
Make sure your pet meets other dogs. A dog kinder garden is a good choice. Do not make your pet work in cold weather.
Motivate and appreciate your dog. Do not leave your pet alone.


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