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Meet The Richest Pets On This Earth: The Star Pets Who Have Inherited Huge Wealth!

You will be surprised to know that there a great number of animals that are enthusiastically better off than you and less than half of the world’s population will be over. This is because some people adore their pets so much that they make them richer than the other people in their family.With no charitable urges, or human concerns, those fortune-favored pets spend the rest of their lives in the most comfortable luxury, with servants all around them who prepare goodies as desired by the pets. Below is a list of the world’s top ten richest animals-

1. Tinker- Margaret Layne’s estate was valued at £586,000 and she had no children to succeed her. Tinker was roughly 8 years old when it first met its adorable master. After Margaret passed away, she paid her elegant and loyal companion by leaving for it a property in London as well as a trust fund of £100,000. Ann and Eugene were chosen as the trustees and they blessed Tinker with some awesome company of the two cats, Stardust and Lucy, and they also moved in with Tinker. Although, due to his huge inheritance, there were many angered people, which caused certain life threatening calls for Tinker. So, it was moved to a safer mansion for its protection.


2.Trouble- Leone Hamsley, a socialite, left her pet Trouble with $12 million of her wealth. Her grandchildren were concerned that this decision was made by her due to her poor health and mental problems, but Leone knew that her handsome wealth might create problems in her family. But, her grand children won the case in the court, and Trouble inherited only $2 million of Leone’s fortune.

3. Frankie, Pepe and Ane- Beloved Frankie, Pepe and Ane, a dog and two cats, are living in a luxurious house worth £10million, which their owner left them when he died. They have everything that they need and are taken care of by their neighbor, Lenise Patrick.

4. Pontaic- Pontaic, the beloved feline companion of Betty White, who was a famous Hot in Cleveland actress, got a trust fund of $5 million from Betty, making him one of the richest pets in the world. Betty white made sure that her beloved Golden Retriever and her other dogs could live happily after she died.


5.Gigoo- Briony and Miles Blackwell decided to leave their huge wealth to their beloved hen, as they believed her to be their child. When Biony Blackwell died in 2000, Miles decided to alter the will and pass on not less than $10 million of the fortune to the pampered hen.

6.Tommaso- An Italian widow, Maria Assunta, rescued and picked up a four year old stray cat Tommaso, lying on the streets of Rome. This childless, wealthy widow of an Italian tycoon took awesome care of this black beautiful feline with her handsome money. She gave all her real estate in Milan, Rome and Calabria and cash worth of $13 million to Tommaso when she passed away in 2011. She also confirmed from her lawyer about an animal welfare group or association to take care of her beloved Tommaso.


7.Blackie- It is known as the world’s richest cat in the Guinness Book of world records. Blackie inherited about $25 million from Ben Rea’s rich funds. Blackie must have been the apple of her eyes, as it inherited all the wealth of Ben Rea. With such a huge sum of money, who can say that black cats bring poor luck with them? While the relatives of Rea received nothing, but she made sure that her furry best friend could live luxuriously for the rest of its life.


8.Kalu- Kalu has an impressive story. Traumatized Kalu was tied to a tree in Zaire, when it was rescued by Patricia 0’ Neill, daughter of the champion swimmer Frank O’ Neill and Countess of Kenmore. After such a life changing incidence, presently Kalu lives on its owner’s private estate situated in South Africa and has inherited Patricia’s $90 million of fortune and a farm and mansion in Australia, as a part of Patricia’s revenge against her husband. It was discovered later on that Patricia had deliberately entitled Kalu to inherit all her wealth, as she did not want to give even a single penny to her husband.

9. Toby Rimes- Toby Rimes live in the New York City, with an inheritance of a fortune worth $92 million from their owner. Not much can be said about this fortuned canine, except that it is $92 million richer than us. On 1931, when Ella Wendel, the owner of this beautiful poodle died, she left it with her huge wealth. The elegant poodle was completely and evidently loved and adored by Ella, who passed away in the New York City. The descendant dogs are known as Toby Rimes.


10. Gunther IV- Gunther IV, a German shepherd, is known to be the richest pet in the world because it has many properties in its name. Its father, Gunther III inherited $372 million from its extremely wealthy owner, a rich German countess Karlotta Lieberstein, when she died. Soon after Gunter III also passed away, all the wealth that it had acquired from its owner, passed on to its son Gunter IV. Further, Gunter IV is the owner of a villa located in Bahamas with complete top notch butler services as well as a beautiful mansion in exotic Miami, where previously Madonna used to stay. It has the luxury to live an extravagant and lavish lifestyle and has developed a taste towards white truffles recently. Now, its daily dinner includes a white truffle, steak and caviar. That is completely fine for an extravagant and luxurious living, right?


They all are definitely the richest pets in the world! While your dog or cat must be spoiled, but it is nothing as compared to the diamond collars, luxurious mansions and bank accounts of these world’ s richest pets.


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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