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Natural ways that can free your pet dog from Joint pain and Arthritis

Natural ways are safe and come without side effects. They are drug-free ways to alleviate the pain your dog experiences due to arthritis. Arthritis cannot be completely uprooted; it is characterized by progressive deterioration. The most common form of this disease in dogs is called osteoarthritis. It causes pain and stiffness in the joints and slows down the dog. Arthritis can reduce the level of play/activity in the pet making it look dull and depressed. Appetite loss may also be noticed in such a scenario. These simple yet effective measures will help to reduce the discomfort as well as impede the progression of the disease.
Tackle Obesity in dogs: It is extremely important for the dog to be at a healthy weight. Obesity puts extra pressure/stress on the joints. This can lead to cartilage damage. It is important to work on a weight loss regime. In case weight loss happens in the initial stage of the disease then it is possible to stop/control the Arthritis. It is important to note here that in the initial stage of break down there isn’t any pain, this makes it very difficult to notice any signs of Arthritis. Usually pain occurs once the condition has advanced in the Arthritic overweight-dog. Once the desired weight has been achieved focus on maintaining it with light exercises and appropriate diet.

Physical Activity: Staying active is important for an arthritic dog’s joint health. However certain changes have to be introduced to the pet’s daily exercise regimen once arthritis has been identified. Instead of long walks opt for shorter walks although frequent ones. Play activity can be shifted indoors and carried out on a spongy carpet.

Feeding Anti-Inflammatory Foods: You can add foods such as papaya to your dog’s diet, as this will help reduce the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Celery too is known to benefit in the same way. You can consult your vet before choosing such foods for the dog as well as decide upon the right quantity to be given at a time.
massage image 4 Massage: This therapy works upon the dog in the same way it relieves stiffness and joint pain in humans. In fact the same human massage techniques and moves can be administered upon the dog. There are certified therapists as well as some veterinarians that offer this massage service. (

Image 2 Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy: This works on two levels, relieving ache and improving/retaining mobility in the joints. Animal hospitals are equipped with procedures like hydrotherapy.  The trained staff can prescribe water treadmill exercise for the pooch’s pain. Also free swimming can be recommended keeping in mind the dog’s problem. (
acupuncture image 3

Acupuncture: A dog’s arthritis can be suitably cured using needles via the Acupuncture route. This method too works towards increasing/improving joint-mobility. When needles are put-in there is an improvement in the circulation of blood that reaches the stiff muscles.  This helps to relax the muscles. (

Orthopedic Bed: This kind of bed will provide the much needed support to an arthritic dog. You can also get one customized for your pup with an ideal mattress/cushioning to comfort its aching joints.

Reducing friction: Tile, marble or wood flooring does not suit arthritic dogs. In case your home has one of these floor coverings make sure you lay carpets and soft rugs on it, so that the dog can walk comfortably without slipping. Trim the pet’s toe nails regularly. Also using friction socks and dog boots can help in averting instances of slipping and offer the feet a better hold on any floor.

OTC Dog Supplements for Bone Growth: Fish oil can help improve joint health. There are some other joint supplements such as Bayer Megaflex, Cipla Maxima Powder for joint care and My Beau Bone and Joint supplement. Chondroitin and Glucosamine are over the counter dietary supplements that work well in dealing with joint pain caused in arthritis.

The dog parent may want to get a ramp to make it easy for the pet to get inside or out of the vehicle. Climbing stairs can be difficult and the arthritic dog may require a ramp here too. Also when you make changes to your pet dog’s diet make sure to avoid a drastic shift. Go slow and gradually make the desired changes. Apply the same rule with regard to supplementation.The central goal is to ensure a good life for the ailing/aging canine. The above procedures can be tried one at a time, this way it will be easier for the pet owner to judge which treatment method works well for their dog and therefore should be continued.

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 Disclaimer: Views/Ideas expressed in this article are solely of the writer, Pets world India does not take any liability regarding the authenticity of the content and strongly recommends readers to consult a good veterinarian before applying any of the suggestions given in the above article. 


Tamanna is a blogger by profession and actively writes on Animal Welfare and Pet Parenting related issues. Her work has been well accepted on major digital platforms including the Huffington Post India.

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