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Online Training Guide For Labrador Retriever

One of the popular dog breeds in the USA, a Labrador Retriever is a gentle dog. It is perfect for a family and can be trained to be a good companion dog. They are eager to learn and please; hence easy to train. After suitable training, these dogs are usually used as guide dogs for people who cannot see and rescue dogs to be used in specialized operations. They are also used for drug detection tasks by law enforcement officers. They are not only lovely dogs, but can also prove to be a great help for the owners with the proper training as they are highly intelligent.


Like training, caring is also necessary for Labrador retriever – How to take care of a Labrador Retriever

Importance of Labrador Retriever Training

Labrador Retrievers are very easy going and adorable breed. They can be trained in no time. Though, they can learn very fast as they are quite eager but the biggest challenge that is faced when training them is their over enthusiasm. A little patience and firmness can help you to handle this dog well and ensure its proper training. Since they are quite smart dogs, training them proves to be quite advantageous for the owners. They can make use of their skills in ensuring protection, finding directions and detecting something that is not correct. If you find training this dog slightly tedious, you can even hire professional dog trainers.

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Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Labrador Retriever

Various training methods and supporting tools and equipment can be used to train this dog. These dogs love to indulge in activities like “retrieving” which they treat it as a game, though, owners may use it as a training method. This cuddly breed loves to run and fetch a ball or anything you throw to grab its attention. You can start this activity by using a ball and throwing it at just a short distance. Later, as the dog starts understanding your cues, he will run and fetch the ball even from a far distance. Give him rewards when he successfully fetches anything for you. It will keep him motivated and enjoy this fun activity.

Types of Training Methods for Labrador Retriever

A variety of training methods are used to train Labrador Retriever. Some of them are-


Labradors love to swim, they take it with water just like fish and have a fun time, splashing in water. Some labs are bolder than others and jumps in instinctively, but some others may be a little nervous initially. It is not wise to force the dogs to jump in the water. Let them take some time and then venture in the water when they feel comfortable doing so. A long lead can be used to ensure that you have him in your control when your pet is venturing into the water for the first time. Later, as it feels confident, you can let him loose. Train him to stay level when swimming. So, the focus should be on keeping him level in the water.

House Training

When you are bringing a Labrador Retriever into your home, it is important that you make him feel comfortable, but at the same time lay down some house rules. You will not like your dog to urinate or defecate in any corner of your home. Train him from the very first day and ensure that the dog does its “business” only at a specific place meant for the same.



The reward is one of the most important methods to reinforce positive behavior in the dogs. Give them their favorite reward like something to chew or their favorite toy to play with when they complete an activity in an expected manner. This way, they will continue indulging in positive behaviors to enjoy your love and attention and some favored rewards.

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Different Training’s Required for Labrador Retriever

When training your Labrador Retriever, certain factors need to be taken care of, such as:

Create Training

In this process, you can help your dog to get acclimatized to a special place that he can consider it as his home.

  • This is the place where your dog will go when he wishes to take a rest, a brief nap, relax and feel totally safe and secure.
  • There is a difference of opinion about this training as many pet owners consider it as cruel, but it is significant to understand that it is so only when the training is not done correctly.
  • If the dog gets comfortable with his create, it can be used as a tool by the owner for its proper managing.
  • Use quiet but firm voice to and frequent praising to bring out the dog in or out of the crate.

Labrador Training Methods

Leash Training

Following steps must be used for leash training your Labrador Retriever-

  • Dogs are not naturally inclined to walk on a leash; hence it is important that dogs are allowed some time before they get acclimatized with this activity.
  • When training your dog, it is very important to stay away from any pain infliction or punishment to the dog.
  • Allow him to walk on heel as it will help him to walk without any trouble when he wears a leash later on.
  • Use positive reinforcement to ensure fast acclimatization with a collar and leash.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to Labrador Retriever

Do’s Don’ts
Use gentle but determined voice when training your pet Never scream at your dog
Use rewards and positive strengthening Do not be a hard taskmaster with your dog

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for Labrador Retriever

  • Use “Positive Only” way of training for your dog.
  • Indulge in “Respect Training” for your dog and treat him gently.


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