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Paris Hilton Dogs live in a Dog House worth Rs.2 Crore and strictly wear PAWDA.

Well, who said ‘it’s a dog’s life’? You might just want to rephrase this adage after a dekko at the plush mansion specially designed for Paris Hilton’s canine entourage. The heiress’s pets’ not so humble abode in all probability is capable of topping the coveted lists of beautiful homes and may have already found its way into Décor and Interior Design Journals.

A double storied building replete with dog beds, designated spots for feeding bowls, a closet for storing an awesome collection of dog clothing, central air conditioning as well as heating units was built for Paris’s utterly pampered pooches. The structural design of the $325,000 double tier dog house is inspired by Italian architecture and somewhat made to resemble Paris Hilton’s own luxurious mansion. The ground level is used as the living room and the upper floor houses the bedroom.
hilton dogs
This (approximately twelve feet high) dog house is a reflection of crème de la crème homes doting along the Beverly Hills’ streets. The interior-design credit goes to Faye Resnick. Imagine a doghouse interior styled with a fine black crystal chandelier, moldings adorning the ceiling and designer furnishings. The pink wall paint amps up the inside of the cozy dog-home.

hilton home
The outer structure of this mini palace is complemented by a roof lined with clay tiles, a shallow balcony on the upper level with a safety wrought iron railing, ample windows for natural lighting as well customized light fixtures.


Paris’s small-breed pooch brigade comprises of Pomeranians, Mini Pinschers and Chihuahua and Teacup Yorkies. Other features thoughtfully sewn into the structure are a beautiful lawn enclosed with fencing and a tree stands tall within this enclosure for the pets to relieve themselves and do their business.

The Pawsome Palace spells indulgence inside out. The intricate design features exude a state of comfort for the puppies cosseted in panache.

The overindulgent pooch-mum also launched her own canine clothing line by the name of Little Lily, a portion of its profits is used to aid animal rescue operations. Paris’s pet fashion line boasts of cute and comfy dog ties, designer dresses, sweaters, jeans, and t-shirts for dogs.

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