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Paris Hilton pledges to #save21 dogs and how you can help too?

More than a year ago 21 Pit-Bull type dogs were rescued from a dog fighting ring in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada. This seize was led by the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in a 2015 Tilbury dog-fighting ring bust. However the shared joy of animal lovers over the successful rescue in October 2015 suffered a setback with Ontario SPCA putting forth an application before the court requesting all the rescued dogs to be euthanized. OSPCA’s heart-breaking request came in just a few months after the rescue operation, on grounds of animals’ and public safety.
Paris Hilton for ET CANADA Paris Hilton for ET CANADA

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary has been endlessly striving to achieve the intervener status in the respective lawsuit in order to create a more fair hearing.  Their efforts to save the lives of these dogs have been fraught with difficulties, one such being the denial of the intervener status in this euthanasia case.

Dog Tales has sought the help of celebrity dog lover Paris Hilton to be part of this Global Movement transcending boundaries to desperately save the lives of these four legged victims. Dog Tales Rescue aims to show these canine victims just how beautiful life can be. For these dogs life meant being forced to fight and fight again, losing a fight meant death. These canines are the real sufferers that need to be rehabilitated and not euthanized. Dog Tales affirms the fact that crimes were committed against these dogs and in no way should they be punished.

A year on the court battle continues and the rescue organization’s only hope is to gather support from animal lovers and celebrities across the world to influence the judgement and to show the decision makers that a huge number of people care for these innocent lives that deserve to see the world in a positive light. Read full story to know HOW YOU CAN BE PART OF THE NOBLE #SAVE21DOGS MOVEMENT


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