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Pedigree Vs Royal Canin- Which Dog Food Should You Choose For Your Pet?

These days, most of the pet owners are becoming diet conscious when it comes to the health of their pet. They ensure to give high quality pet food to their loveable pet for its better growth and development. Thus, with the increase in the demand for superior quality pet food, many pet food brands are making their move in the market. Out of many, Pedigree and Royal Canin are two of the most popular and highly demanded pet food brand that have an impressive goodwill in the market. Both the pet food brands are equally good and have their own pros and cons.

Royal Canin is a world famous pet’s food brand of one of the biggest American organization named Mars Inc. For more than 40 years, it is taking care of the nutritional needs of varied creatures by offering scientifically formulated and researched food to endorse a long and better life to the pets. The products offered by Royal Canin are manufactured by under the supervision of experienced veterinaries. They are categorized on the basis of the breed, age and size of the animals in order to provide the pet with the food it required.


Royal Canin -
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On the other hand, Pedigree is a subsidiary unit of Mars Inc. that was founded by Franc C. Mars. The brand leads in superior quality dog food since its establishment in 1911. It offers both wet and dry food for all size dogs. The dog food products offered by Pedigree are classified on the basis of size (large, medium, small), life stage (senior, adult, puppy) and specific needs. The brand offer pet food with variety of flavors like chicken, milk, rice, meat, etc. in order offer a great taste and healthy product to the pets. In addition to taking care of the overall health of the dog, Pedigree dog food focuses on satisfying the four universal needs of the dog concerted with –   Digestion, Skin and Coat, Immunity and Oral Health.



Considering the above mentioned, it is not easy to judge which one is better for your pet. However, you must first get into the depth details of the product you buy for your pet and get the one as per its needs and body requirements. Whether it is Pedigree, Royal Canin or any other food brand you choose for your pet, make sure it must work well for your pet and work as an ideal aid in keeping it healthy and fit. Also, it is important to choose the brand that falls under your budget otherwise it will be tough to you to bear the food expenses of your pet friend. The only way to decide which brand food to ahead with for your pet is to see how your pet responds to it.

Every pet is different from one another, therefore; their needs too vary from one another. So, experiment well or ask for an advice from the pet’s expert before coming on to the conclusion that which food products are right and best suitable for the better growth, health and development of your pet. Ask your pet’s vet about which diet would best suit it well. Give your pet the right diet it deserves.


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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