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Pet Food

How food requirement changes with age in dogs?

The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status level of activity, state of health and environmental conditions. Since animals eat to satisfy their requirement for energy, all..

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Why Pedigree recommends MIXED DIET for Dogs in summers

Considering pets cannot verbally communicate we should ideally be more understanding and receptive to their needs, requirements and health. Over the time people have learnt that homemade food albeit fresh is not a complete & balanced meal for the pet primarily because..

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10 Summer Super Foods for Dogs.

Summer is finally here and it brings with it a lot of juicy, sumptuous and healthy natural treats for one and all. And when we say `all’ we mean to include even your darling dogs! We have more..

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Natural ways that can free your pet dog from Joint pain and Arthritis

Natural ways are safe and come without side effects. They are drug-free ways to alleviate the pain your dog experiences due to arthritis. Arthritis cannot be completely uprooted; it is characterized by progressive deterioration. The most common form..

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FAQs about Pet Rabbit Behavior.

Understanding rabbits’ body language helps in active communication with your pet and can also help in treating an undesirable behavior or habit, on a scale of 1 to 10, your bonding score with your bunny mate aces when your..

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9 tell tale signs of Aging in Dogs and how to combat them ?

The harsh reality is that our dogs have shorter lives compared to ours. The tiny little fur ball that you adopted and loved as your own baby will grow old soon before you even know it. A dog..

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10 Human Foods Healthily Suitable For Dogs

Though feeding table scraps to pet dogs must be avoided but giving some human foods to dogs is good. Away from the stiff ‘what not to feed’, here we have a list of People food items that are..

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Reasons for Dog Constipation and How to Cure It

Constipation is in dogs isn’t age or breed specific and can occur in any kind of dog at any stage of life. In simple words, it is the absence of normal stools; the dog faces difficulty in the..

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These Foods are harmful for your Pet Cat.

Common food items such as Raw Fish/Meat/Eggs and Milk can wreck havoc on your cat’s healthy digestive system. The cat’s metabolism is not only very different from humans but also dogs. You may think that cats and dogs are..

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Incredible Rise Of Pets Cafes Around The World

Take a look at amazing Pet Cafes in India and around the world that provide the perfect lounging space for your pets! Yes you heard right, an eatery only for your PETS. What better way than, to have your pet..

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