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Pet Food

These Foods are harmful for your Pet Cat.

Common food items such as Raw Fish/Meat/Eggs and Milk can wreck havoc on your cat’s healthy digestive system. The cat’s metabolism is not only very different from humans but also dogs. You may think that cats and dogs are..

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Incredible Rise Of Pets Cafes Around The World

Take a look at amazing Pet Cafes in India and around the world that provide the perfect lounging space for your pets! Yes you heard right, an eatery only for your PETS. What better way than, to have your pet..

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What To Do If Your Pet Dog Finds Your Chocolate Stash

In your life there are two loves, your pet dog and chocolate. Unfortunately, your two loves don’t go well together. For years now chocolate has been known to be toxic for dogs, even causing them to pass away..

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Is it okay to feed my dog milk?

Before jumping to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it is important to study the risks and benefits of milk for dogs and thereby decide, whether you should be giving milk to your dog or not?. What symptoms indicate..

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5 FRUITS that are Bad for DOGS.

The Forbidden Fruit: Not all fruits are good for Dogs. Fruits are synonymous with healthy eating and a balanced diet. No doubt they are packed with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients. But caution must..

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Dog Food Review |Royal Canin Maxi Adult Vs Orijen Adult Dog Food

Top Global brands selling the best of dry dog food in India of various categories covering each important life stage of a dog may seem a bit overwhelming to the ordinary pet owner to comprehend. A random purchase..

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Is a Grain free diet for dogs really the key to their good health?

Needless to say, grain free food is not at all that good a diet for your dog. It is a mere propaganda carried on by the dog food manufacturing companies to sell their grain free formulations. Such formulations..

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What are the Pros and Cons of Elevated Dog Food Bowls?

Are you using a raised food bowl for your dog? Or intend to use one? As concerned pet owners especially to large breed dogs and cats each one of us have used or thought    about using elevated feeder..

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Delicious Cat food that Persian Cats will love! [Homemade Cat Food Tips]

Are you much in love with your pet Persian cat? How do you express this affection and concern towards your feline buddy? Cat Parents across India strive to create a healthy diet because they value these exotic felines..

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How to choose best dog food for Golden Retriever puppies between 2-4 months of age?

A good dry dog food is vital to golden retriever puppy’s well being when between 2- 4 months of age. Generally, these months in the life of a Labrador or Golden Retriever puppies is when the little canine..

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