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Pet Grooming and Hygiene

5 Crazy Things Dogs Do When Left Alone At Home

When you have errands to do outdoors and have a baby to take care of, at the same time, you know that you are up for a challenge. As guilty as you are for leaving your beloved pet..

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Dog Shampoos on your Shopping List? Choose Wisely!

To keep your dog’s health in top condition you need to help your dog with its grooming needs. Regular baths will ensure a clean, shiny and fresh-smelling coat. Bathing will help remove dead skin cells, excess oil, substances..

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Common Dog Allergies | Causes and Prevention

What causes allergies in Dogs and How to Deal with them? There are three main types of allergies in dogs. One of them is caused by environmental irritants and usually gets aggravated during autumn season which is around..

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How to store Dog Food CORRECTLY ?.

You have spent a long time researching on what should enter your pet’s tummy for nutritional benefits but How you store your pet’s food is the most crucial step to allow the dog to accrue health benefits from..

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6 Easy Hacks to Eliminate Pet Odour in Your House.

Having a pet can easily be mistaken for a messy business. After all, they bring with them a ton of vices right? Fur all over the place, carpets spotted with droppings, the whole package. But worst of all..

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Six Things your Senior Dog wants you to do.

Is your once high energy puppy entering retirement? We do understand this heart-wrenching feeling in pet owners when their four legged baby slows down due to old age and abandons most of its spirited antics. You can’t reverse..

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Why Dogs love Belly Rubs? and more Sweet Spots.

Ever wondered Why your Dog digs Belly Rubs? There are certain spots on your dog’s body that are more sensitive and greatly respond to loving touches. Caressing those areas can overwhelm the pooch with joy or a deep..

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6 Health benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog clean is more than just a pet pampering session. Grooming will no doubt make your pet feel comfortable and free of bad odor but also help you detect any health issues early on such as..

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Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds in India

The dog lovers world over know that dog is the best pet to be adopted. Dogs are the most loyal, affectionate and intelligent animals to be taken as a personal companion. They love their owners unconditionally. No wonder..

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