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Pet Training

Why Some Dogs Are Afraid Of Stairs & Ways to Help them Overcome it.

Some dogs develop a phobia of going up and down the stair-case. This is especially seen in puppies, elderly canines and rescue dogs. Although elderly canine may be treated with natural ways for problems such as Arthritis to..

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When you become a new parent to a puppy you are sure to experience a whole lot of new emotions, excitement and big responsibilities. When you prep your home for the little fella one of the major tasks..

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Best and Worst Spots to place Cat Litter Box in your home.

A cat isn’t taken out for a walk for relieving itself. It uses  cat litter boxes placed indoors for defecating & urinating. However some cats may start avoiding their litter boxes simply because they do not like where..

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How much exercise is enough for a puppy?

All dogs need some form of movement depending upon their age, medical condition and dog breed type. There are multiple benefits ingrained in an active lifestyle for your pet. Therefore hooking on the pup from a young age..

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How to help a dog get over its traumatic past?

A dog that has faced abuse in the past can become distressed and fearful of humans. Neglect and ill-treatment meted out by a past owner can have lasting consequences for the canine. The dog even after being rescued..

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Why Dogs Love to Steal & Chew on Dirty Laundry?

Dogs for a variety of reasons love to run away and play with our used clothes. Dirty socks and underwear seem to be their favorite pick. There’s no denying that the pup looks extremely cute running with your..

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What is play growl? Is it normal for a dog to growl during play?

Dogs growl when they are having fun and this is what a play growl is all about! Even humans tend to get loud when having a good time at a party or while viewing a competitive sport cheering..

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How to deal with inappropriate dog chewing.

Healthy chewing is very important for dogs. It ensures good dental health in dogs. Chewing also helps a pup explore its world, the habit of chewing in a dog’s life is as intrinsic as it can get, but there’s..

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Why two female dogs don’t get along always?

Bitter fights between two female dogs are a common occurrence. Dog owners witnessing a regular spat between their intact females may not even understand the exact reasons for such aggression while looking for amiable solutions. Read below to..

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7 Bizarre Dog habits explained.

You may often seek the reasons behind your dog’s strange behaviors. Sometimes we regard something as cute antics and rarely put much thought into what causes these behaviors in our pet. We have put together some eccentric behaviors..

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