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Pet Videos

Top 10 Guard Dogs In India

Dogs as we know are one of our most trusted and loyal friends. Many home owners have guard dogs to ensure their safety and security against intruders. Bakharwal Mastiffs or Kashmiri Sheep dog tops the list of major..

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Ultimate Cat Vines Compilation 2015

It is fun watching these lovely feline friends indulging in a variety of antics and ensuring perfect enjoyment of their masters. The cat trying hard to take a long leap and failing miserably is so fun to watch...

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Dog Who Are Having A Worst Day Then You- Video

Dogs are by nature fun loving and they are so fond of playing and indulging in a variety of antics. Many times, their smartness gets the better of them and they fall flat on their face. Sometimes, while..

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Cute Little Puppies Playing With Owner-Video

Pups are a joy in a household. They have a lot of ways to bring a smile on the face of their owners. One of the ways through which they bring a lot of happiness and pleasure in..

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Ever Seen a Dog Babysit Kittens? Here’s is What Happens Next!

The happy coexistence of two dogs, Wally and Buster comes to a halt when a few kittens join the party. Initially, they were not happy to find these cute kittens amidst them, and the same happened to the..

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These Dog Catchers of India are Doing a Good Job – The Human Way of Dog Catching Being Practised in Varanasi

Have you seen the way Sarvodayas catch stray dogs! If you are thinking that it is easy, you are wrong. This is quite a challenging task and the dogs are not exactly cooperative. Some dogs may be easily..

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This 140 Pound Great Dane Returns Home All Alone After Being Stolen By Thieves

Have you seen this one! The majestic Great Dane got stolen from the Anne Arundel County home. The owner was out shopping when her son called up to say that the dog was missing. The son saw a..

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Effective Way to Give Bath to Your Golden Retriever Puppy-Video

Golden Retrievers require basic grooming owing to their double coat. If your Golden spends most of his time indoors, then he will not need baths very often. Further, these dogs do not have scent glands on their skin;..

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Cute Affenpinscher Puppies- Video

Dogs are known for their loyalty and extremely cute appearance. Undoubtedly, cuteness is one of the most important factors that are seen by the pet lovers while selecting their canine companion. The level of cuteness varies with the..

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10 Friendliest Cat Breeds- Video

Every cat is known for its own distinct personality, which can differ from the breed standard. Friendliness is one of the most sought after qualities in cats that almost every cat lover wants to see in their feline..

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