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Pets who dress better than we do | Pet Fashion Trends

Get inspired, get fashionable and get rolling! Yes the pseudo fashionistas are right here to offer a sneak peek into the latest ongoing style trends. Pet fashion seamlessly merges with what’s in and what’s not, to leave us with some good fashion sense. Here’s how pet style can help you plan some cool outfit combinations for that sunny brunch or that glam evening look or casual day events.

1. Rugby inspired jersey for that cute sporting date.

p10 [Image credit: flicker]


2. An effortlessly attractive way to tie your stole!

p1 [Image Credit: magicalnaturetour]


3. Denim and checks go so very well together.


[Image Credit: squidoo]


4. Stripes in cool blue for that lazy weekend brunch.

p12 [Image Credit: Amber Spires]


5. That Hippie-look for the much awaited Retro bash

p13 [Image Credit: paulagold]


6. Rocking the tweed look. Add the beret for just that perfect edge.

p2 [Image Credit: trendhunter]


7. Hammocks – Holidays – Quirky Hats – all so very compatible!

p4 [Image Credit: hercampus]


8. A snug white dress complete with lace trimmings, oh-so graceful for those snooty luncheons.

p3 [Image Credit: hercampus]


9. Are you a budding author, wanting to make that lasting impression on your very first book reading session? Simple, try this look complemented with a classy bow tie.

p6 [Image Credit: todaystie]


10. A fitting tweed coat with an interesting collar and buttons is a subtle yet striking garment for an ideal dinner date.

p7 [Image Credit: Juan Ignacio Soneyra]

Who said Fashion and Clothes is exclusive to humans? This stylish rundown has the desired effect on the undiscriminating man, the simple study of which helps him/her to revise its fashion dictionary for the ultimate look.




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