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6 Tips to Prepare Your Dog For the New Baby in House

New Born Baby With Pets

Are you anxious about introducing your new baby to your dog? The hesitancy is quite normal since there is an unpredictable factor in a dog’s behaviour. However, there are certain measures which you can take to ensure that your dog happily adjusts with the baby.

Here are those,

  • Create a New Routine For Dogs

The whole routine of family members changes when a baby arrives in the house, including your dog. Hence it will be beneficial if you can foresee all the changes ahead and make small changes in your dog’s routine. Also since dogs are creatures of habits, early changes will help your dogs to adapt quickly when the baby comes.

While transitioning your dogs to a new routine, some dogs can get a little anxious. It is suggested that you learn some techniques to deal with dog anxiety and be prepared to sense any behavioural changes.

  • Give Your Dogs Some Baby Stuff

This is one of the best ways to familiarise your dogs with your baby’s arrival. For instance, you can let your dogs smell some of your baby’s nursery, which will help them quickly adapt. You may also bring some linen or clothes which your baby has used in the hospital and give your dogs a good sniff. You can also take the dogs for a walk with the baby’s stroller to give them a short preview.

Familiarising your dogs with the baby’s stuff can help them adjust to the new environment quickly.

  • Teach Your Dogs Basic Commands

Teaching your dogs basic commands can go a long way in making them obedient, especially when the baby is in the house. A dog which readily obeys your commands is easier to control and they will also avoid creating any trouble. Focus on a command like “Go to your Place” which will help you to keep your dog sitting in one place. This will help you to handle the dogs easily and also adjust them well to the new setting.

  • Play Baby Noises at Home

Baby noises can come as a shock to dogs, so it can be helpful to play audio clips of babies way before you bring the baby home. Begin by introducing new sounds associated with babies at a low volume while your dog is doing something they enjoy, for eg. eating, playing etc. As long as they remain calm, you can increase the volume till it reaches a decent level. If your dog seems anxious or worried, lower the volume to a comfortable position which they will be comfortable.

  • Get Some Tasty Dog Treats Ready

It is a lot easier to train your dogs when you have some tasty dog treats in your hand. Your dogs will be more eager to learn and will pick up your commands with more enthusiasm when you reward them for their obedience. By picking up an ideal dog treat, you can ensure that your canine has a smooth transition when your baby arrives. Be patient during the whole training process as some dogs might take a little more time to learn.

  • Play it Cool When Dog Meets the Baby

While introducing a dog to your baby, give them the right verbal cues and show positive body language and a calm demeanour. Dogs are smart at picking emotional states, so be sure to keep calm when your dog meets the baby for the first time. When your dog realises that you are in control, they will reflect the same behaviour to you, making the whole introduction process a lot easier.

All in All

These 6 simple yet highly effective tips will help you to introduce your dog to a baby gently. However, do remember to train them a couple of months before your little one comes along, just to be on the safer side. The earlier the training, the smoother will be the introduction process.


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