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Pune Animal Activist files FIR against pet owner for euthanizing a healthy 9 year old Pomerian dog.

In Pune a dog owner and a veterinarian were recently booked by the police for euthanizing a healthy nine year old female Pomeranian. The poor pooch’s nine years of loyal companionship ended in a murder of sorts.

Here’s how this regrettable incident took place, yet again emphasizing on the urgent need of educating pet parents in India and to have stronger Animal Protection Laws in our country.

Sweet Pomeranian Lea was earlier abandoned by her owner in October this year and dropped off at an NGO named Mission Possible founded by Padmini Stump, on the pretext of dog exhibiting aggressive behavior. However this implausible claim was refuted by a vet named Jeya Bharat who examined Lea and concluded that the dog seemed normal. Lea Pomeranian
Lea’s abandonment though had a silver lining in the form of a Mumbai family that adopted and took Lea in to their family. Pomeranian Lea was not an aggressive dog as confirmed by its new parents and none of the family members witnessed any destructive signs in the dog’s behavior.

But as if abandoning her was not enough, Lea’s previous owner objected to this adoption and brought Lea back only to leave her at the same NGO, which at this point requested to keep Lea with them for some days as the Pomeranian was in heat.
This NGO that houses male dogs too wanted to prevent an awkward situation/accidental pregnancy for Lea.
The original owner took Lea away on Friday 24th November and in a heartless act of cruelty, euthanized her within one hour, as confirmed to TOI by Ravindra Kasbekar, the President of Mission Possible.  He also expressed regret for letting Lea go with her previous owner and failing to recognize her cruel intentions for the pet.

This shocking and unfortunate event led to the filing of an FIR by Mission Possible’s founder Padmini Stump, President Ravindra Kasbekar and an animal lover Parinaaz Daruwalla on 26th November against Lea’s owner residing in Hadapsar and the Veterinarian who performed the euthanasia.

The culprits have been booked under section 11(1) of the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act and section 429 of the Indian Penal Code. Assistant inspector, Kiran Londhe from Hadapsar police station has asserted that it is illegal to euthanize a healthy canine. Statements of Lea’s owner and the offending vet have been recorded.

If a man bites dog in India, the fine is only Rs.50|A take on the Weak Animal Protection Laws

Training a dog towards positive behaviors is not impossible. Even if the dog showcases any form of aggression it can be rectified following certain procedures. An animal behaviorist can be involved to assess the dog’s behavior and train it accordingly for a more acceptable conduct. No dog is bad it’s only bad parenting; therefore it is the dog owner that needs to get his /her act together and work with the pet.

Weak animal protection laws in India only encourage a criminal mentality in humans against animals and pets. It is sad to see how even an otherwise well informed individual turns to unreasonable and unjust tendencies when it comes to animals in general or his/her very own house pet.


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Tamanna is a blogger by profession and actively writes on Animal Welfare and Pet Parenting related issues. Her work has been well accepted on major digital platforms including the Huffington Post India.

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