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Puppy Teething Stages



Teething in puppies is a rough stage of their life. It is quite important to understand the teething process in puppies so that you can easily watch for the signs of uneasiness in your dog. Generally there are three stages of puppy teething i.e. newborn teeth, teething and loosing teeth. This article will explain you all the stages of puppy teething in an elaborative manner. Let’s begin.

1.Newborn Teeth

Puppies are born without teeth. They don’t receive the first puppy teeth until the age of six to eight weeks. After this age, they grow a total of 28 teeth that are known as deciduous teeth or baby teeth. Puppies do not have molar teeth, only premolars and first teeth that fall out are the incisor teeth, followed by the premolar and the canine teeth. Lower and upper canine teeth that are present at the back of their mouths and are larger; and lower and upper incisors are located in the middle of their mouth.


Teething process in puppies continues for the several months, off and on. It can be an uncomfortable and quite painful period for a puppy. At the time of teething, puppies increase their chewing and biting habit, and test out different objects to relieve this discomfort.

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3.Losing Teeth

Puppies begin to lose their deciduous teeth between the age of three and seven months. Generally, the root of deciduous tooth will be absorbed by the adult tooth, though there are some instances where this does not occur properly. When you puppy become 3 months old, his incisors begin to fall out so as to make room for the new adult teeth. At the age of four months, the adult canines and the adult molars begins to come in. After this, the adult molars will come in the age between six and seven months. At last, between seven and eight months, the full set of adult teeth comes in.


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