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Purr The Way To Relax In The Cat Style

Cats belong to the tiger family and the animal is extremely friendly with humans, unlike the counterparts of their species. We often experience stress in our daily life due to varied reasons. This takes a toll on our health and leads to mood swings. This is not the natural way of living life. It is advisable to relax and re energize us. This will increase our work efficiency and give us enough reason to stay happy.

Cats can give us good lessons on this subject. The cute little furry animal has a lot to offer in this regard. It’s better to learn something from them and it also makes us stress free. Few pointers are outlined below:

  • Remind yourself that you are important. We often tend to forget ourselves and ignore our needs. When you go around the place and find your cat just being herself, try to think to ape this activity as it will prove to be a great stress buster. Just being yourself will give you enough time to be in your company and this in turn will elevate your mood. Try to analyze a lot of things which we may otherwise not have the time to think about. But giving yourself some own time will work wonders in understanding yourself better.


  • Take a short nap the cat way. Cats have the habit of taking small naps whenever and wherever they feel relaxed in the home. Try to follow this. Take some time off and give a 10-30 minute nap time to yourself during the day. This is the best to gift you after a tiresome activity. These small naps could be during any time and as little as 10 minutes can also be beneficial. It will give you more energy to perform better.
  • Play with your pet to rejuvenate your day and yourself. Just being in the company of your cat will heighten your mood. This will give you to know your pet better and give them some affectionate moments to cherish. The time off to be in the company of your cat will help you to understand its likes and dislikes. Even the pet will feel important and wanted; in turn, it will brighten your mood.

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Lovely-cat-and-beautifyl-owner-at-a-leisurely-rainy-day-06 Sometimes you may find your cat doing some exercise like running aimlessly around or jumping around. Playing with a ball or anything of the pet’s choice is her or his favorite time pass. Do some exercise for yourself. There are many breathing techniques to get rid of stress and rejuvenate the body and mind. It calms the spirit and makes the mood happy. Other forms of exercise are also a great way of relieving your stress. The main idea is to relax and feel better. This is an excellent way to give you the feel good factor. Apart from alleviating your mood, it will keep you fit too.


  • One of the most important that the cat can teach you is to learn the need of vitamin D. You often see the cat basking in the sun and enjoying the warmth. Do the same. Get your dose of vitamin D by sitting or taking a small walk in the sun. This is a great way to re energize your body and mind. This will help you keep a lot of diseases at bay. Give your body some natural warmth and feel relaxed.

cat-in-the-sun The above mentioned techniques are good ways to be active and relaxed in life.

Apart from all of these learn to eat right, from your cat. Cats usually eat healthy food as their cat food is high in protein. This kind of healthy food keeps the mind and body fit. Try to make your diet healthy.

Every living being can teach something or the other to their friends or co-beings. Animals also have emotions and the ability to think. Cats can teach us better ways of relaxation and we need to do is follow their ways. It is a good idea to have the ball of fur around which purrs and teaches you techniques to be De-stressed and happy.

Another important way for relaxation is being received by the cat when you reach home after the day’s work. The cat welcomes you when you come back home. This relieves you of your tensions and stress because it is great to be feeling welcomed.

Relax and be stress free to lead a healthy long life. But we forget this most of the times. But the cat is there to remind us of this important mantra in life. Life is a roller coaster and we have to ride it. So be happy and take the ride. Learn the importance of relaxation and its effects in our life. Stay happy and try to be relaxed to achieve a higher efficiency.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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