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Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Information

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a hunter dog but very calm and gentle by nature. This obedient dog is intelligent, skillful and loyal too. Rhodesian Ridgeback is an odor-free dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breed Name: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nicknames: African Lion Dog, African Lion Hound

Origin: Zimbabwe

Ancient Use: Rhodesian Ridgeback was a guard dog and used for hunting purpose.

Type: Large-sized dog

Built: Large muscular built

Appearance: Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large, muscular hound dog. They have round eyes and usually are in brown color. They have black nose and sometimes black tongue. The tail is fairly long and bit thicker.

Temperament: Intelligent, skillful and loyal

Height: Males 25 – 27 inches, Females 24 – 26 inches

Weight: 65–90 pounds

Average Life: About 10-12 years

Species: Hounds

Barking Status: Discriminating barkers

Family Dog: They become inactive in indoors and not always good with children so not considered as good family dog.

Preferable Temperature: Warm

Active Breed: Yes

Member of: AKC Hounds

Socialization Status: No

Health Status: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are generally healthy but may affect with Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia and Dermoid Sinus.

What to Feed: Recommended daily amount: 2 3/4 to 4 3/8 cups of a high-quality dog food daily, divided into two meals.

How to Care:

  • Needs daily exercise
  • Needs playtime daily
  • Opportunities to run in a safely fenced area a couple of times a week

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs


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