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Incredible Rise Of Pets Cafes Around The World

Take a look at amazing Pet Cafes in India and around the world that provide the perfect lounging space for your pets! Yes you heard right, an eatery only for your PETS. What better way than, to have your pet hang out with you when your two legged friends are too busy sorting their lives. Your pet dog can never say no to you for anything, but sadly back in the days, the concept of allowing pets into restaurants wasn’t that popular or acceptable.

Japan-cat-cafe-1024x768 Image – SUNMASTER

The fast changing scenario has made way for animal cafes that not only allow pets but also dish out gastronomic delicacies for the furry taste buds. Such a café would most often have a separate play area where your dog can mingle with other canine guests. Similarly there are restaurants that entertain cats or rabbits.

Taipei, Taiwan wins the praise for housing the world’s very first Cat Café that was named ‘Cat Flower Garden’ (now renamed Café and Cats).

Japan followed suit with its first feline café in Osaka that was set up in the year 2004. This paved way for the evolution of Japanese rabbit cafes such as Ms Bunny Café, that lets you play with the many resident rabbits as well as bring in your own pet rabbit for an enjoyable getaway. Some cafes also sell pet supplies and offer grooming services.

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How unique can these Cafés get?

Tokyo’s Sakuragaoka café is the only Café to boast of two resident goats that are seen relaxing in their wooden hut within the premises, guests can make reservations to take them for a walk around the neighborhood.

Thanks Nature Café, Seoul, South Korea another unique restaurant that allows it visitors a tete-a-tete with sheep.

Penguin Bar Ikebukuro in Japan allows its guests to get clicked with its two resident penguins.

Tokyo’s Yokohama Subtropical Café will give you a chance to get an up close look of its unique collection of reptiles that are housed in cages/tanks.

Cat Cafe in Versova, Mumbai is one a kind Pet Cafe in India

Cat Cafe in Versova, Mumbai is one a kind Pet Cafe in India.

Ever heard of bird Cafés, well there’s quite a few in Tokyo packed with eccentricity and a décor to match the avian theme. One such goes by the name of Fukurokoji Café that has accommodated a bubbly bunch of parrots and tropical birds.


Nature Café in Seoul, South Korea is world’s only Sheep Cafe. Image

Animal Cafés – A Global Phenomenon
Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium that opened doors to cat lovers and their purrry friends in East London in 2014 is another success story. Those who wish to celebrate their love for cats here amid feline companions may have to make reservations well in advance, perhaps six weeks ahead to get their desirable slot.

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However cafes are required to adhere to some basic standards pertaining to animal welfare, hygiene around the food preparation spots and vaccination/neutering of the resident pets.

The first dog café in America came up in Los Angeles, it houses dogs that not only keep the guests company but are also up for adoption. It’s a brilliant concept that merges fun and social cause together under one roof. The adorable four legged residents are brought in from overcrowded animal shelters in the hope of being adopted by animal loving families.


The café at Brunel University London allows its students as well as staff members to get real comfy and spend time with cuddly rabbits every once in a week. The University authorities believe that interaction with animals greatly reduces stress in students and goes a long way in building self esteem as animals are completely non-judgmental and only ask for a little love.

India has its own share of animal cafés. Mumbai is home to not just dog cafes but also one for felines. Bungalow 68 in Versova is a humble abode for as many as thirty cats leaping about. The founding members of the Cat café studio are actively involved in rescue operations; they take in any cat they come across and offer lots of care including food and medicines. Another of their successful program includes a neutering drive that has so far covered close to 450 animals. The sheltered cats can be adopted however after undergoing a hard procedure replete with house checks, frequent interviews, and filling in the required forms. The adoption process is ruled by the cats choosing its forever adopter, those interested in adopting are made to first acquaint themselves with the cats. These tough guidelines are formulated in a bid to prevent bad adoptions and animal abuse.

Closer home there is a dog café called Canine Crossing in Gurgaon. The USP of this restaurant is that it provides a space that sprawls over a large area for dogs to run around and spend that pent up energy in a healthy way. Other amenities on offer are grooming tips, training procedures and crèche facility.

Delhi’s first dog café Puppychino that came up some months ago has a sumptuous menu specifically put together for dogs. The humans need not feel left out as the café has lots to offer the human palate as well. Now you have the perfect venue to host a vibrant birthday bash and surprise your furry bundle of joy. Leave the hectic preparations for the party to the Puppychino staff while you and your pet enjoy a fine show.

Cafés with resident animals: These cafes help fill in the empty space in the lives of busy individuals that love animals but haven’t taken the plunge to adopt one yet. The reasons could be lack of space, hard pressed on time, and sometimes some family member is allergic to dogs/cats. Such individuals may experience a cathartic release visiting animal cafes where their love for pets can be satiated by petting and playing with the resident animals.

Sometimes the residents are a rescued bunch of friendly cats or dogs that get a comforting shelter & lots of love at the premises.

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