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Rottweiler Puppies Available For Adoption

Rottweiler puppies available in excellent condition. If you are looking for an affectionate dog breed with muscular, massive and powerful body, then Rottweiler is the best option for you. This breed was originated in Germany and now has the reputation of serious and reliable family companion. This dog breed is easy to keep in spite of the size and is quite popular due to their acute intelligence and confidence. These smart, courageous, bold and fun loving Rottweilers can be your best friend with whom you can spend the most memorable moments of your life. This breed of dogs is comparatively safe for the kids and they value your possessions (an adult Rottweiler is much less likely to shred your drapes like coleslaw).

Rottweiler Puppies on Sale in Noida/Delhi/NCR and All Over India – Buy Rottweiler Dog

Before adopting your Rottweiler puppy, you need to decide from where your new companion will come. You should select only reputed and certified breeders from Delhi/NCR, who genuinely loves the breed and wants their puppies to be healthy and happy. In addition to this, make sure your home is prepared for the arrival of your new companion, do not forget to find a suitable vet, and choose a healthy, hardy Rottweiler puppy.

Rottweiler Breed Information


Rottweiler dog breed is one of the most ancient breeds on earth. It is believed that the Rottweiler is descended from a mastiff type dog, which the Romans used when they conquered the Europe. Primarily, these dogs were used by the Romans for herding the cattle and sheep needed as food for their armies.

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The modern breed of Rottweiler is believed to be developed in Germany in a district known as Rottweil; hence, it is named as Rottweiler. The Germans used this breed of dogs as herd dogs for their farming animals. The early breed of Rottweiler was used as beasts of burden, carrying wood and other products to the market. Apart from this, they were used as draft animals to pull carts filled with various products for their owners. At present, this breed is frequently used as guard and police animals.


These dogs have muscular body and their head is broad with a rounded forehead. Their muzzle is well developed and teeth meet in a scissors bite. The nose and lips are black and the inside of the mouth is dark. Their medium-sized eyes are dark and almond shaped. Some Rottweilers have blue eyes, or one blue and one brown eye. The ears of this breed are triangular and carried forward, and the tail is customarily docked. They have broad and deep chest and their coat is short, hard and thick.


The Rottweilers are powerful, trainable, calm, courageous and devoted to its owner and family. This loyal and protective dog breed will defend its family fiercely if needed, seemingly immune to pain. Serious, even-tempered, confident, brave and courageous, this breed needs an owner who is strong minded, calm, but firm and able to handle this breed’s big size. They are docile, natural guard dog with a laid-back, reliable temperament. These intelligent dogs have proven their worth beyond question in military, police and customs work over many centuries and can be trained for competitive obedience.

These dogs are not usually a barker: They are silent watchers who notice everything. When a Rottie barks, it is a sign of annoyance with external factors like cats or other disturbances rather than threats. They are entirely suitable playmate for children, although no dog should be left with children without proper supervision.

Rottweiler Breed Major Characteristics

Rottweiler Dogs information
Other names Rott, Rottie
Origin                                         Germany
Size Type Large dog breeds
Breed Group Working dog breeds (AKC)
Life span 9 -10 years
Height Male: 24–27 inches (61–68 cm)Female: 22–25 inches (56–63 cm)
Weight Male: 43–59 kg Female: 38–52 kg
Colors Tan, Black, Mahogany
Coat Double coated, Short, hard and thick
Litter Size 8-12 puppies
Health Concerns Hip dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Parvovirus


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