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Russian White Cat Training Tips

Russian White Cats are a medium sized breed of domestic cats. Russian white cats are delicate and elegant cat and have been a woman’s classy cat since decades. Russian White cats were bred in the 1970’s from Russian Blue Cats. These cats live a long life of 15 years. These cats are available in white, black and chocolate color. Russian White cats are adorned with beautiful characteristics and they use them for their benefit very wisely. If you have not brought her home yet or not much time has passed, then you will know very soon what I am saying. Try saying no to your cat once and then watch her use her charms to captivate you and give in to her demands. They are simply irresistible. You and your adorable cat will not face any issues when she moves in with you as they do not face any issues in adapting to a new home.


Importance of Russian White Cat Training

Russian White Cats are shy with strangers and are scared of them. This makes it of utmost important to train them well as its understandable for a cat to be reserved but we do not expect a scared and shy cat. These cats are lazy and will not leave any chance to sleep on your leg or just cuddle with you. As much as a cuddle cat is welcomed we do not want to obese our cat. Loads of exercises, games and training is must for your Russian white cat to lead an active and healthy life.

Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Russian White Cat

People are beginning to choose cats as pets these days and hence cat’s pet market is also rapidly growing. Various training equipments and accessories for cats are continually flooding in the market. You can choose appropriate training equipment for your cat and make training a lot more fun for your cat.

Clicker Training

Russian White Cats are intelligent and easy going cats and will respond to almost all training ways and methods. Clicker training includes training your cat with a clicker. Your cat should treat every click from clicker as a reward. Click a lot while training your cat.

Positive Training

Russian White Cats are very selective with food. You can treat them with their favorites when they show the desired behavior while training. Do not treat them unnecessarily. We do not want to spoil our cat.

Fetching and Retrieving

Your Russian White Cat is lousy and it is a good way to make her run and fetch for you. Your cat will be interested in it as it is playtime for him. It is a good way to spend time with your cat.


Different Trainings Required for Russian White Cat

Litter Training

  • Select a right sized litter box for your cat and its place in your house.
  • In the beginning take your cat in the box.
  • Your cat might take time, but with persistence will go to the box himself.

Leash Training

  • Select a natural fiber leash for your cat.
  • Give her time to get used to it.
  • Be very gentle with your cat.
  • Your cat will gradually accept leash and then you will be ready for your daily walks.

Obedience Training

  • Basic Obedience Training of your Russian White Cat should begin as soon as he is brought home.
  • Your initial behavior with your cat will decide his behavior.
  • Over pampering and giving in to his demands all the time will spoil him.
  • Your cat’s health and fitness is totally your responsibility and he should obey you at all times.
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Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Russian white cat

You should take care of following minute yet critical points while training your Russian white cat.

Do’s Don’t’s
Train your Russian White Cat with a stern and firm voice. Your cat has captivating eyes and knows very well how to use them. You do not have to give in to her adorable looks.
Spend a lot of quality time with your Russian white cat. Your Russian White Cat might be shy with you. Do not nudge her and give her some time.
Do make your cat feel at home and make him comfortable. Do not lose your patience while training.

 Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for your Russian white cat

Certain tips can help in training your Russian white cat in an easy manner:

  • Begin your Russian white cat training as soon as possible.
  • Analyze your Russian white cat and understand her moods.
  • You have to be firm and stern with your Russian white cat but do not be harsh. These cats are sensitive and do not take hash treatment well.


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