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Sam Sawet Cats Training Information

This cat originally belongs to Thailand and is known for its sweet disposition. They are quite pleasant and worry free cats. They love to enjoy their life and have lots of fun. With its refined beauty, this marvelous cat settles well in a new environment, without any trouble. It can gel well with strangers with minimum fuss and time. If the owners do not have enough time to spend with them, these cats are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves.


These cats are known for their affection for their owners and their playfulness with them, especially children. Its boundless energy, intelligence and smartness makes it a perfect candidate for a good feline companion, provided trained well.

Importance of Sam Sawet Training

This cat can settle well indoors as well as outdoors, but it is important to ensure that outdoor area like gardens, are escape proof to ensure the safety and security of the cats. They take to the training schedule easily and with the help of gym sets and a variety of toys, this cat can be easily trained. It is not an attention seeking cat and solitude is very difficult for it bear. Its pleasant temperament and good nature make it an easy going pet. A little tricks can be taught to her in a little time. Once it gains the trust of its owner, it can stay loving and devoted to you for a long time.

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Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Sam Sawet Cat

A variety of training accessories are available in the market that assists in the training of this cat.

Toilet Training

It is very important that you start training your cat right from the very beginning and the very first task you have to do is to ensure proper toilet training. You would not like your cat to do its “business” in any part of your home, spreading the strong smell permeating in everything present in the home. Take it outside for its business, every now and then, so that it understand that whenever it has to do its business, it has to go out. Also make sure that you offer your cat a suitable treat or reward, every time it indulges in a desirable behavior.

Clicker Training

A clicker is a tool that is used to emit sharp sound. So, whenever a cat indulges in a good behavior, the owner can sound the clicker. Gradually, the cat would associate the sound of the clicker with the behavior and the favorite reward it received afterwards. This way, positive behavior would be reinforced.

Fetching and Retrieving

Cats love to run and fetch the things thrown by their owners. This fetching and retrieving game is quite close to their heart as it allows them to spend some enjoyable moments with their owners. It doesn’t seem like a training, rather a fun filled time and an opportunity to enjoy a strong bond between the owner and its cat.

Different Trainings Required for a Sam Sawet cat

Litter Training

  • Start your cat’s litter training right from the day you bring your cat home and for this, it is important to buy a suitable sized litter box.
  • It is best to buy a large sized litter box so that the cat doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Place your cat in the litter box when it needs to do its “business”.

Leash Training

  • When initiating leash training for your cat, it is important to get your cat acclimatized with a leash so that it doesn’t feel fearful when using it for the first time.
  • The leash must be chosen with great care. It should be light in weight.
  • The cat must not be forced to use a leash and if it feels uncomfortable and strongly opposes a leash, discontinue its use for a few days and start again after some time.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Sam Sawet cat

Do’s Don’t’s
Sam Sawet cats are lovable and adorable. While enjoying their companionship, the owners also need to be a little firm with them. It is not impossible to train a cat, though, it may be a little more challenging than dogs. A little patience and perseverance can do the trick.
Use their name to attract their attention so that they start responding to it. Do not be unusually strict with them.
Enjoy some fun sessions with them and allow a strong bond to develop with your pet. Keep training sessions short.

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for A Sam Sawet cat

Certain tips can help in training your Sam Sawet cat in the most easy manner.

  • Sam Sawet cats have been blessed with a pleasant disposition and they are always eager and intelligent to learn new tricks.
  • In order to ensure proper training, the idea is to make the training sessions fun and exciting for them.
  • Be attentive to your cat ad use rewards and positive reinforcement to make them learn.


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