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Seven Ways to Immortalize your Pets.

The harsh reality that accompanies each pet is their short lives. Each of us have or will be confronted by this grim situation where you need to cope with the loss of a long cherished companion. Sometimes it is an illness that takes the furry baby away and at other times it’s a beautifully lived life that succumbs to old age and natural passing away. A cloud of bereavement and despair overcasts the heart and is shown in incessant tears and grief. The initial denial and anguish eventually culminate into acceptance and this acceptance must manifest into a gesture to commemorate the pet’s death. Here are 7 beautiful ways that will help your beautiful pet live forever beyond the shackles of intangible death.
Image Credit: animalwall/Panna Paziomka Photography

  1. Plant a tree to help the pet live forever– You can plant a tree either at your beloved pet’s/dog’s burial spot or can select a nice corner in your very own garden for placing it. Gradually yet steadily you will see it turn into a tall and robust tree. The sadness can be overcome with feelings of joy and hope seeing the pet literally evolve into another life form. You can choose a flowering shrub or any other plant you like and can nurture.
  1. Make donations to an animal shelter or even better Volunteer – You can donate money to an organization that promotes the cause of animal welfare. There are animal shelters that nurse strays and sick or abandoned dogs, cats, small animals and other pets. The best way to pay homage to the love and loyalty of your pet would be to contribute in cash or kind in its name to any of the shelters/organizations or take out some time and sign up to volunteer at such an organization/shelter. Even though the volunteering may last for just a few days, at least it would enrich your life positively and help needy animals in the bargain.

    dog donation


  1. Get a Tattoo– Get permanently inked with something that reminds you of your pet. It could be its portrait, its name or anything it dearly liked. A tattoo always stays close to your skin; hence your furry baby’s memory will remain etched in you forever.



  1. Get an artist to paint or sketch your pet’s portrait– You can display your pet’s painting in the hallway or your bedroom. Make it the focal point in whatever room you choose to hang it in. The work of art will effortlessly display your love for the pet to your friends and family.
  1. A blown up photograph– Enlarge a cute picture of you and your pet, frame it and hang it up wherever you please. It’s a perfect way to seal the everlasting bond between you and your deceased pet.
    sk dog plaq

    Bollywood Actor Salman Khan recently got this plaque installed for his two deceased dogs, “Myjaan” and “Myson” in Bandra, Mumbai. Image Source:


  2. Get a tombstone/gravestone with an epitaph– Mark your pet’s grave with a tombstone that has a poignant epitaph inscribed to cherish and commemorate your pet and its undying love for you.

Image –

  1. Sharing means caring– Share toys, beds, and your dog’s t-shirts, pet food that isn’t nearing expiration with other pet owners. Offer something that was dear to your pet to friends and family who own a similar pet. This way even after your pet has gone its belongings can continue to render joy to other animals.


Memorializing your pet can heal the pain caused by the loss of a beloved friend. These coping mechanisms would help you preserve the memories of a one-of-a kind bond. You may never be able to replace it but surely observing any or all of the above ways may prove therapeutic.

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