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#SHAKTIMAN ACT is what INDIA needs but why is TWITTER silent NOW!

The mourning might be over but the role of Social media extends beyond that. A mere #RIP hash tag is not enough for a beautiful horse or his comrades who may face a similar ordeal at the hands of our society where animals to date have been denied their rightful share of the planet. Shaktiman’s demise is not the end but marks the beginning of a new story where the real heroes will be seen pioneering the cause of animal safety and protection in India. The wailing may have waned on Twitter circuit; e-papers may be running out of right fuel to ignite a scandalous theme on the subject, the audience must have moved on to greener pastures and busied themselves discussing the in-news. Sadly just as we see fads in fashion, the current affairs lose steam, with the following daybreak and the issues especially around Animal Protection Laws are often, most prone to be forgotten.

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Our collective responsibility is not merely supporting via tweets or signing e-petitions, rather the real action lies in pursuing and persevering till fruition. Change is not met with inconsistency. Constancy to a task is often blessed with success and positive transformation.

You can be the face of change! Let’s for once step out of the virtual into the real world where words translate into serious action; Bidding adieu to Shaktiman (who was brutally attacked in line of duty) ought to transpire into stronger animal protection laws and harsher punishments for the perpetrators of crimes against mute defenseless animals. Bid farewell to Animal cruelty should be the government’s (MoEFCC) new agenda. Is the Nation ready to embrace the Shaktiman Act?/ Do we expect a Shaktiman Act in the pipeline?

In the midst of melancholy surrounding police officer Shaktiman’s death, a gallantry award for NSG commando Rocket a Belgian Malinois equates to a new ray of hope!

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Rocket the Belgian Malinois braved all odds to confirm the presence of a Fidayeen-terrorist at IAF base, Pathankot- In a first, `Nominated for the Gallantry Award’.
National Security Guard (NSG) a Special Forces unit to battle terrorism in India has an individual K-9 division that comprises of four legged canine soldiers belonging to the following breeds – Belgian Malinois, Labrador and German shepherd. Rocket the Belgian Malinois, an expert sniffer (specializes in establishing presence of explosives, IEDs and suspicious humans) and member of the assault dog force was part of the counter-terror operations at the Indian Air-force Base in Pathankot on the 4th of January. The said mission comprised of 300 NSG personnel and a team of military canines. The operation required collection of evidence of military value from one of the lodging places of the airmen that was set ablaze. To avoid further loss of human lives, Braveheart Rocket was chosen to enter the building. It returned with a charred pouch that was possessed by one of the terrorists. However the operation did take a toll on Rocket’s health as it succumbed to burns on the forehead and paws.

The views and facts presented in the article are solely of the author herself with no intention whatsoever to accuse or insult any individual/entity.  The facts presented are compiled as per the details given in the article’s resource box.


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The writer is a mother to three rabbits and granny to four and would like to encourage responsible rabbit adoption and parenting in India. You can connect with her on

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