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SIT HAPPENS! Simple Dog Training Tips for a quicker SIT

Obedience training relies on two fundamental principles of body language of the trainer and acquainting the dog with certain speech sounds in correlation with their basic meaning. The trainer must exude calm and positive energy that is the first step to attain the position of a pack leader that is closely linked to dog training. Sit command being the very first of the things you want your dog to learn must be exercised at puppy stage; a regular training routine for dogs must start when 3-4 months of age or even earlier for the ones with fiery pups.


Some points to keep in mind while teaching the dog the essential command ‘sit’.

  • Lay the basis of conditioning the canine’s overall behavior or preventing behavioral problems through affection, the right touch and ensuring the right amount of physical activity and work out for the dog.
  • A dog’s attention span may be way less than an owner will expect it to be during any training session. This is especially seen in puppies that are in a hyperactive and enthusiastic mode all the time. The two important techniques to tackle the issue is to bring the dog into a composed and subservient state of mind by acting as an efficient pack leader and second move includes watching for any behavior that suggests the dog is losing the focus, this is a direct indication that your pet has had enough and you need to stop the session there and then. After a while the pet dog may want to gallivant and explore the venue that could be your yard or any other spot.
  • Remember to show a patient approach throughout. Reward reinforcement means that each time your dog obeys to your command offer a treat to your pet. Each time he follows the associated sound of the word ‘sit’, reward it with its favorite food item, dog toy or massage. There is also something that is called the clicker training. In this a trainer sounds a click to communicate to the canine that it has performed the required relevant action, this is then followed by offering the treat/reward.
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Below is a comprehensive listing of two different ways, the owner can follow either of them depending upon suitability to train their dog to follow the sit command.

Technique #1- Set the right environment for training

  • The setting should be one that the dog is familiar with. Selecting a room inside the home may work well as it would be a quieter place with fewer things that will divert your dog`s focus. Puppies get easily unfocused; therefore exert more patience with them.
  • It is important to alert the other family members before you begin with the teaching session in order to prevent them from creating any sort of commotion that will come in way of the training process and distract the dog.
  • Indoors is preferred over outdoor training (as outdoors is presented with greater number of distractions). It may also get difficult for the pet parent to control the dog. In order to achieve success in an outdoor training session, firstly choose a secluded spot and secondly try to use a leash on your dog.
  • It is important to note that indoors will offer a smooth and more effective experience with regard to any kind of conditioning.
  • Lastly start with a shorter training session say 4 to 5mins instead of 10 minutes. Remember to take a break in between a longer session when the dog begins to get distracted.
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Technique#2- Act as a Guide for very active & rowdy dogs

  • Here one cannot do without the use of leash or harness to encourage the dog`s concentration. Hold the leash close to you but not very tight. The owner can purchase a harness that wraps around the chest and not the back as this will not only ensure the desired comfort for the dog but also help you control its movements effectively and easily.
  • Secondly the trainer while dealing with unruly dogs must never react to any negative ways exhibited by the canine, ignoring those help further in limiting and discouraging any behavioral problem.
  • A trainer must never exert any kind of force on the pet. Learn to be patient and gentle, it has to respect you and not be afraid. Try to calmly push the area over the hind legs to make the dog sit from the standing position. In case the pet resists lowering into the sitting position, give it some time by allowing it to explore and walk around before restarting the session.
  • Try to familiarize the dog with the speech sound associated with sit and the desired action, by speaking the word once the rear of the dog comes in contact with the floor. Simultaneously your hand must be placed at the rear end of the dog for a minimum of 30 seconds, enabling it to understand the command in a better way. The use of hand must continue till the dog understands the command with only the sound of your speech. Praise your dog in the form of a reward for each act of successfully obeying the instruction.
  • Repetition of the procedure and Practice stretched over a period of couple of weeks are two important tools in the task of teaching an over enthusiastic dog. One way to make sure your pet dog is less distracted during the training is to make it have enough exercise before the session begins. This way it will be low on energy hence less frivolous.
  • Persistence and the owner`s assistance together work a great deal in acquainting the dog with the sit command. Eventually the idea is to make your dog follow the sit command without using the hand to position its back to touch the ground. Also you may offer rewards in the initial weeks but the final goal is to make the dog obey the command without requiring any form of treat. Therefore the culmination of the process leads to unaided & reward free obedience on part of the canine.

Any training procedure is seen as a foundation for establishing a healthy bond between a dog and its owner. Teaching the sit command is considered to be the basis for any sort of training that will be carried out in the future as the owner can control the dog`s attention once it gets the hang of the sit command (also termed as the first command with regard to obedience training).

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