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Six Cutest Dogs in love with their couches! Funny Dog GIFs

Dog’s Love for the couch is well known! In some cases even out growing it but still not willing to let go, such is the bonding between your dog and his favorite couch! The evident love of dog and puppies towards our home sofas, rugs and curtains essentially points out the fact that how important winter dog beds are in reality. A warm designated spot in the house infuses a sense of identity and calmness in most dog breeds. The winter chill makes your home floor a tad cold and uncomfortable for pets and a cozy cushion box is what every dog deserves!
Whilst you savor the GIF Bonanza about these cutest dogs and their eternal romance with the couch, good dog Delhi folks wait for the delayed winters in the city waiting to flaunt their Iconic Lounger Dog Beds. Watch this list and when you are done laughing, please woof your comments below…

1. Couch and Remote are my property. Trespassers will be PAW-see-cutey!!!


2. Beloved Couch! I may out grow you but will never leave you.


3. Meet Natural Born Couch Digger!


4. Dear Couch, Never Ever leave me again!!!


5. Woofz Morning! Cutest Puppy GIF Evah!!

6. OMG! I love both of ‘em!!!


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