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Sphynx Cat – Meet The Strangest and Rare Breed of Hairless Cats


Sphynx cat is among the newer cat breeds and has a wrinkled and hairless wonder with pronounced cheekbones. They also have big eyes and ears. As per the Cat Fancier’s Association, birth of this breed took place in 1966 at Canada. The dearth of hair is a natural and genetic incongruity that occurs in them around once in the every 15 years of duration.

This breed has been bred with the traditional cats with short hair in order to generate a genetically comprehensive and healthy breed with short hair. Although this breed is rare, it has grabbed the eyes of many cat lovers.

Breed Appearance 

There can be found peach fuzz of hair in downward and upward in the bodies of many Sphynx cats, although they are renowned of being hairless. They are medium sized and their tummy is full and round. Because of having less hair, some people may consider this breed meek, but in fact he is highly muscular, as per the Traditional Cat Breed Association.

The Sphynx looks different from one another. Despite of being hairless, their discrepancy in pattern indeed reflects on the skin and the little amount of hair that is present on their body.

A cat lover may consider that this breed is cold since the hair is not present on the skin. However, the reality is bit different. Their skin is warm in touch and they are quite comfortable when kept in room temperature. On feeling cold, these cats are smart enough to embrace with a human or share a blanket to keep the body warm.

This cat breed is actually very friendly with people. They love to remain the center of enticement in all and are enthusiastic and lively by nature. Sphynx tries to grab the attention of the master all the time, no matter whatever else is drawing his mind at that moment. This is the trait that makes these cats distinct from the others. Moreover, they also get mingle with other pet cats and dogs.

How to Take Care?

The Traditional Cat Breed Association mentions that this breed is not outdoor. They need to be conserved from the elements as their skin is exposed. They need a special care in this regard. But that surely doesn’t means that they can’t survive outside or one can’t take them outside for a walk. Nonetheless, one should not deem that the grooming needs of these cats are minimal as there is no any specific coat to maintain. The bodies of these cats secrete oil and thus they require regular bathing. There is also a need of their ears being cleaned in a frequent manner.

There are numerous points that indicate that this cat breed is certainly a care seeking group. These cats have an exceedingly high metabolism resulting into the consumption of food in heavy amount, much more than an average cat.

The Allergies in the Sphynx Cat

The feature of being hairless doesn’t makes Sphynx cats safe from the allergies that may also affect the cat owners. If the owner is allergic to dander, these cats can still intensify the allergy as the dander in these hairless breeds remains on their skin as thus may affect the master.

The captivating look of this cat breed captures the attention of the cat lovers in no time. Despite the fact that they require a special piece of care since they lack a coat on body, this healthy breed certainly caters the master an unmatched company along with the entertainment beyond boundaries!


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