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The Ban on Import of foreign dogs into India is a welcome move by the Government

Animal rights’ groups are unanimously cheering and celebrating the new plan of action issued by the Director General of Foreign trade to put a stop on the import of dogs for the purpose of breeding or any other profit-oriented activity. However, trading dogs for recruitment into the police force and army, as well as Research & Development organizations will be exempted from the ban.  DGTF also allows patrons to bring with them pet dogs into India following strict adherence to rules such as holding a genuine pet-book and other legitimate papers bearing the importer’s name.

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Gauri Maulekhi, consultant with Humane Society India-International and People for Animal Trustee appreciates greatly the decision taken by DGFT. According to her the notification issued regarding the ban will help a great deal in ending the misery faced by thousands of deserted International dog breeds, that are often shown the door (and made to live on roads) or thrown into animal shelter homes by the mindless owner, who has almost negligible knowledge pertaining to foreign breeds and their rearing.

Nonetheless C V Sudarshan, Secretary, Kennel Club of India is of a different opinion. He feels that the import of pedigree breeds should not be seen purely as a commercial activity but as a passion pursued by a breeder.

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Some see the new order as a means to the popular dog breeds’ prices going up and the so called ‘puppy mills’ benefitting from it.

However NGOs fighting for animal rights continue to support the ban. They also rephrase the fact that many foreign breeds are not suited for the Indian weather and Indian heat.

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