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The Big Fat Furrier Version of Indian Winter Online Sale 2016 is here!!!

The high energy start up arena in India is rightly encouraging new pet stores to get aboard the dot-com bandwagon and it means more and more sellers are offering heavy discounts to lure dog owners and cat parents in India.
The Indian Christmas and New Year bargains are getting furrier each year with online stores (such as Amazon, Flip kart, Grofers, FreeKamaal, Petsworld, Myntra, Snap deal among others) offering discounts on pet products which are up for grabs. Most deals are focused around items that are must buys for pet owners and seasonal styles like dog winter beds and clothing.

pet shop 2
In most cases we have seen online pet shops offering heavy discounts as if it is somewhat imperative in order to stay ahead of its competitors. Well with no questions asked! Indian pet lovers are enjoying every moment of these dog food price wars and saving big bucks in the bargain.
The countdown to Christmas and New Year has is already a major event on Indian Shopping calendar and now is an even more exciting with the online market starting their sales at a time when festivity is at its peak and shoppers are craving to fill their homes and wardrobes with fresh items to keep alive the spirit of merry making and joy of gifting.

We all witnessed a big hullabaloo on the ways heavy sales volumes are achieved by online stores during the festival of Diwali this year; E-retailers offered irresistible discounts that off-line stores can never match. It was noticed that many Indians with a conservative approach gave up cynicism for buying things over the internet and joined hands with other first time buyers. This is indicative of the boom being enjoyed by the online retailers of pet products.

pet shop3

Cash on Delivery payment mode in Online Pet Shops is unique only to the Indian Ecommerce space but has been a single biggest force in converting internet users to first time online shoppers.


Who is selling the cheapest dog food? Well it depends!

pet shop Online websites start their winter sales (By mid December) long before it is offered in brick-and-mortar store establishments. This scenario is further salted with the coupons thus the discount availed eventually is much greater. Adding to the arsenal are the coupon marketing start ups to ensure that popular shopping coupons are easily accessible to the online shoppers. If you see a price too good to be true, always ensure to buy from verifiable sellers and even connect with him directly to inquire about the product condition.

Online Indian shops also provide its users sign up bonuses along with coupon vouchers sent via email. Thus reducing the prices further of already discounted items one intends to buy. What‘s more is the free shipping of ordered goods coupled with the advantage of making payment at the time of receipt of the merchandise.

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Customer satisfaction is considered key to achieving success and profits in a competitive online market and online stores are engaging in all that it takes to win the hearts of discerning shoppers and stay ahead of the game.

Share your favorite online pet products with us and we will try our best to fetch the best deals on them. Mail us at or post your comments below:





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