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The Curious Life of Cat, when you are not home

The pet cat is an independent animal that may not necessarily need its owner to be around at all times to offer the special security & protection. According to Daniel Mills a professor of Veterinary Behavioral medicine at the Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences University, cat is an ideal companion for owners who work for longer hours daily. A cat can take care of itself (it is not a pack animal that is where its independence stems from). It is very different from a dog with regard to dependence on humans for safety and wellbeing. With a feline showing little or no signs of separation anxiety the owner can embark upon its winded routine worriless. The pet cat will busy itself with a number of activities while its master is away, let’s take a dekko at a few interesting feline pastimes.

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Physical activity and games not only supply the necessary entertainment to the pet cat to beat boredom but also deal with obesity and negative/vicious behaviors.

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Cat owners prefer an indoor routine considering the safety of their pet. Hence setting up a play-pen for the feline that includes cat trees, wand toys ensure your cat can satiate its inherent tendency to hunt and catch prey, scratching posts, stuffed mouse, squeaking fury ball toy, feeding exercise ball (the removable lid opens up when the cat plays with the ball & rolls it, freeing the food) and many more such exciting toys that also offer mental stimulation to the domesticated animal. Cat lovers can actively participate in the exercise regimen of their cats by being a part of the fun games and activities; this promotes a healthy bonding between the cat and its human master.

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