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The Right Way To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home

Adopting a pet does involve some amount of deliberation with the family members; however for some it is a personal undeterred choice that may be made very quickly and is far from being influenced by others. No matter what the case with you is, bringing home a new member does require some preparations. Also you have to consider the fact that for the puppy your home will be a new place with a new set of rules that it has to get used to. Whether you adopt a stray dog or a pure bred, you will have to make the same type of arrangements for your new buddy. Make sure you have purchased some of the essential items your new pup will require right away. A feeding bowl, water bowl, a quality dog food that is age appropriate, a leash & collar set, a dog bed and dog jacket/coat if you are experiencing the winter season are some of the necessities you need to stock up beforehand.

It may sound a bit strange to a new pet parent but you have to introduce your furry baby to some fundamental rules and set boundaries for it to adhere to from the very first day it enters your home. The idea is to not convey to the dog that it is the leader of its new family pack or it is free to do anything it wishes. Well your pup could wish to do a lot of nasty things like chewing on your furniture or shoes, peeing in the house, jumping on visitors and other things you’ll certainly not approve of. Try these steps to introduce your new puppy correctly to your home and to shape up a well rounded canine companion.

1) Walk the Dog: Once you arrive at your doorstep take the pup for a long walk before you decide to take it inside the house. Therefore carry a puppy leash when you leave your home to bring the pooch. Remain cool and composed throughout the walk. The walk is very beneficial for the pup; it not just helps in bringing down the excitement and excess energy in the pooch but also helps it attain some degree of familiarity with the new neighborhood. At the end you will achieve a calmer dog.

2) Introduction with the human family pack: Well everyone should most definitely greet the pet with happiness although minus the over excitement. You as well as other members must remain calm. Your family may want to cosset it with kisses and hugs but remember this is not the right time to show too much affection. You’ll have to ration the fondness, perhaps dole out a small amount at this point. Do not remove the leash once you’ve finished the walk. Remember to enter first and let the dog follow you inside the house. You can encourage it to sit while you open the front door and get in.

3) A tour of your home: Show the puppy its new home and use the leash to keep it close to you while the two of you rummage from one room to another. The leash will prevent the pup from drifting from its position. Also here too you have to enter each room first. Stay put for a few minutes before you decide to explore the adjacent room. Basically entering first and extending an invitation to the dog thereafter to follow suit is like the start of you launching your leadership over the canine. The same rule will apply even when you exit a space; you have to go out first.

4) Avoid any form of contact with the pet: Its best to not talk or touch the pet while touring the inside and outside of the house with it. Reason being that any form of contact may raise its level of delirium during the process of exploring a new world. Keep the communication to a minimum and use your body language like clicking the fingers to guide the furry friend.

5) Reward Time: The point where you end the tour ought to be the one that houses food and water for the dog. Offer it some pellets along with water as a reward for being patient/obedient. Only some food is offered at this time as the leash is still on the pet.

6) When to free the pup from the leash? After the brief reward time, take the canine member to its designated spot where you have placed its bed or mat. It is here that you have to release her from the leash. By letting her free you are simply conveying to the pet that the chosen space belongs to him/her. A cozy corner of your living area can be that perfect spot for your dog to curl up and lounge. In fact the pet may show its approval for its private space as well as acceptance towards the new family by getting comfortable in this area and by lying around for a while. If it wishes to rest, let it be on its own for some time.

7) The master makes the rules: All of these steps clarify your position as the pack leader that sets the rules and boundaries for the other family members. By following these steps successfully you will be able to convey two things to the pooch, your role in the hierarchy and that you are the owner of the territory. Remain composed and assertive for the entire day. The other humans in the household must curb their temptation to caress the pet dog. Give latter the time to adjust to its new home. However you being its master can show some love towards it, in case it decides to stay close to you on its very first day.

Something that is well begun is half done! This new association between you and the pup must start on the right note to ensure a beautiful bond with an obedient dog.


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