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Thinking Dog Adoption? Pedigree Great Dane puppies are Available for Dog lovers in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

Great Danes are ferociously gentle, also popularly referred to as gentle giants among dog breeds prevalent in India. Its intimidating size and powerful bark is sure to scare the hell out of unwanted intruders in your house but in reality these dogs are sweet and loving; also very playful and warm towards children. It is readily sociable and welcomes the company of humans and other dogs.


Traditionally the dog breed was bred to track wild boars, over the years this trait in Great Danes has been eliminated in the course of controlled breeding strategies. Descended from the Mastiff dog breed, it is gifted with a sleek, muscular body and a behemoth head supported by a long neck. In fact the tallest dog in the world is a Great Dane called Zeus. Many Great Dane owners develop a fascination with cropping the ears of its pet, more so in the United States. On the contrary many countries have banned this practice labeling it unnecessary and inhuman.

dane-post1 This disarming four legged breed is increasingly carving a space in the hearts of dog lovers and holding position number 24 in the list of popular breeds of the world, according to data with the American Kennel Club.

Great Danes are not voracious eaters and love their daily exercise regimen. A small sized play area or yard does not dampen their spirits.

They are a delight to have in the house. A people’s dog and welcomes the attention and love bestowed upon it by its master. Enrolling your Great Dane in obedience classes when he is young could benefit the parent a great deal when the dog attains adulthood. Though it is surprisingly very simple to house train this breed as it responds well to positive reinforcement from the early stages of dog training


Egyptian artifacts from 3000B.C are laden with drawings of dogs resembling Great Danes. Some findings reveal that Great Danes originated in Tibet around 1121B.C.

It was the Assyrians who traded this breed to Greeks and Romans. They in turn bred these dogs with other breeds. Perhaps the Irish Greyhound was part of this breed development process.

Breed historians acknowledge the contribution of German breeders for perfecting this class to be the well turned out and graceful dog that we adore today.

Size and Growth:


Male Great Danes:

May Weight between- 120 to 200 pounds

Average Height- 30 TO 34 inches

Female Great Danes:

May Weight between- 100 to 130 pounds

Height- 28 to 32 inches




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