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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cats


Do you love to see cats at your home? Here are some amazing facts about cats that will make your eyes roll up. After reading this, you will come to know more about them.
You know what?
1. Cats are born blind, but the ability to see comes during the first two weeks after their birth.

2. They have fundamental non functional collar bones, which help them to compact themselves by tight spaces. This assists them in their balance and footstep!

3. They have third eyelid that is usually visible to us. If you are seeing it frequently then the cat is sick.

4. The vision of the cat has been just similar to human in daylight, but they can see far better than us in the dark night. It’s all because of its big pupils and the power to gather light behind the eye due to a pensive retinal surface.

5. Their vision is just like binocular vision that accords them depth perception and ability to adjudicate the position of their targets incisively to swoop upon them in high speed avocations.

6. The smelling sense of cats is very stronger than us. It means they can easily smell the odor of their surrounding areas.

7. They have excellent hearing capability. They can hear the higher pitch sound than us and other animals.

8. Cats are poor in tasting sweet stuffs as they have few taste buds overall.

9. If you touch or move their whiskers, they make a blink reflex that assists them to protect their eyes from harm.

10. Their teeth are quite sharp and pointed, which are built for killing prey like mouse, insects, etc. They have more spines than us; in fact you can find it in their tails too.

For many decades, cats have been loved and even worshipped. These have become a loving pet for many people. They are well defined as playful, intelligent, and highly observant. They are quick learner and always remain alert to see new things all around the home. Giving them lots of love and affection, they become a loyal comrade till our existence. They just want good bonding from their owners that ends up with good companionship.

If you have pet animal in your home, you might have marveled how such animals are and possibly even assumed about the universe and life.


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