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Top 10 Quality Pet Products You Should Buy From Petsworld Today

1) SOBO Air Aquarium Pump: SB-830A

The Product possesses advanced air compressing system, damping system and multilevel muffer which is extremely low in noise. The product features are:

– Energy saving design
– Long lasting performance
– Suction cups to fit any aquariums

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2) Hikari Food Sticks 250g Fish Food

Food Sticks are a complete, nutritionally balanced formulation, developed for carnivorous fish whose main diet of live food tends to cause nutritional deficiencies. Using Food Sticks™ instead of live foods reduces the chance of infection from parasites or bacteria found in most live foods.

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3) Jerhigh Blueberry chicken Dog Treat

Jerhigh Blueberry Stick is a premium quality treat which offers great taste and plenty of health benefits to your dog. High protein content helps to contribute to the general well-being, while vitamin A boosts the eyesight of the canine. There is zinc which supports the health of skin and coat, and collagen which preserves the beauty by reducing the visible signs of aging. Antioxidants (vitamin E and selenium) help to guard the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

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4) SOBO Air Aquarium Pump: WP-1250

The Power Head from SOBO is not a filter, this has a multipurpose uses, and the prime function of the WP-1250 Power Head is to help in the regulation of the water circulation within the tank. This will ensure that there is movement in the water at all times. Though, you will have to remember that this will not be suitable if you have goldfish and koi in your tank.

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5) Drools Puppy Optimum Performance Dog Food

Drools Optimum Performance offers a premium quality food for your puppy, which enhances its chances of achieving its optimum growth potential. Your little doggie is provided with the highest quality of protein which is sourced from real chicken. Having no fillers, the puppy food is enriched with all the essential nutrients required for the complete and balanced development of your puppy. Antioxidants make the dog capable of fighting various bacteria and viruses. Suitable for all breeds of dog, the food provides nutrition to all aspects of your puppy’s health, including skin and coat, dental health, bones and joints.

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6) PetsWorld Puppy Bandana Collar

Why should humans have all the fun? Pets World brings a cool Bandana Collar to raise the cute quotient of your adorable puppy. When style is combined with utility it often results in awesome results. This puppy collar is trendy and may also be suitable for certain cats. A metal buckle is there to secure the collar to your pup’s neck. Five holes offer you the choice to find the right, comfortable fit. In the metal D-ring given at the middle of the collar you can attach leash and identification tags.

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7) Pedigree Meat 20kg Lamb, Milk Dog Food

Pedigree Puppy Meat and Milk is a nutritionally complete formula, created to enable a young dog achieve its best possible growth potential. Vitamin E and specific minerals have been added to offer vital support to the immature immunity system of the body. The wholesome food contains high protein content which helps to build and maintain strong muscles. The nutritive elements of the Meat and Milk meal are highly digestible and support the health of digestive system.

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8) Jerhigh Chicken Jerky Chicken Dog Treat

JerHigh Chicken Jerky uses real, low-fat chicken fillet, carefully selected and baked on high heat to dehydrate the meat. In addition to being absolutely scrumptious, it has been thoroughly tested during the production process to ensure safety and sterility so that your dog can be a part of your family for years to come.

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9) Drools Red Combo Pack 2 Fish Food

Enhances brilliant natural colors. Contains a healthy blend of animal and vegetable proteins and essential nutrients. Build immunity and ensures its vitality and logevity. Fish meal, calm meal, corn, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, soya bean meal, vitamins, minerals, colouran.

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10. Choostix Treat Chicken Dog Treat

Choostix high Protein diet and our other range of products are the perfect treats for your dogs. They are easily digestible and are highly palatable, which satisfies the natural urge to chew whilst reducing Tartar, it also promotes healthy teeth and gums, which your dogs would love to eat.

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With over 15 years of experience in dealing with pets, the PetsWorld Team is now a constant guide for thousands of pet owners in India. Their passion for improving the lives of pets can be seen in their featured blog posts dedicated to pet care.

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