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Top 6 New Year Resolutions for Pet owners in India: Welcome 2016

Dogs and Cats in India are outsmarting humans with their list of clever 2016 New Year Resolutions.  #Year 2016 is here and we all woke up with an extraordinary vigor to catch on things we couldn’t in the past year! Hence the promises. Here’s how we at Pets world intend to make ours? Time spent with our pets can teach us a lot and this year follow your dog’s POV or cat’s for that matter.Wishing you a wonderful New Year with PEACE & BONES Galore !!! –

#1 – Will follow #FASHION in 2016!!! I am MR. C.O.O.L, Wanna get cooler this new year! giphy4

#2 – I will become a good Samaritan and will feed a hundred hungry dogs this year.
#3 – I will Travel more in 2016; preferably with my Human !


#4 – I will be Microsoft’s New CEO in one year (on Neptune!)

#5 – No More Escaping baths and other good things in Life in 2016 !!!


#6 -In 2016: A new fruit diet for a FITTER ME!!

cat snacking
Let’s take a leaf from these DOG AND CAT gifs and shine through 2016. Share your owner New Year resolution with us to get featured on the most popular pet blog in India. Pl email us at




The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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