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Top Summer Care Tips for Dogs

Dog care requires the pet parent to go the extra mile with every change in the weather. Gear up your pet for the summers, follow the below tips and see it happily soak up the summer sun!

Never Leave the Dog out all day

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Dog parents are advised not to leave the pet outdoors during summers. In case the guardian cannot avoid a situation where it has to leave the dog outside of the house, make sure you have a dog kennel of an appropriate size for the pet. The kennel ought to be placed in a shady spot of the house’s garden. Also fill up a bowl with drinking water for the pet. Although try to keep its outdoor stay short.

Limit the Play and walking sessions to Early mornings & Late evenings!

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Go easy on the games and exercises meant for your beloved canine. Lessen the duration of walks and the overall exercise regimen. Also choosing the parts of the day for outdoor activities when the heat is less intense will help the pet a great deal to beat the blazing sun.

Keep the dog well hydrated

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Supply the dog with lots and lots of water. Whether the dog is home or out for a walk make sure drinking water is available to the pet at all times. A bottle of water designed for dogs comes very handy on those every-day walks. In case your pet is suffering from obesity then it is more likely to get overheated.

Your dog could be suffering from a Heatstroke

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If you see symptoms such as heavy breathing, reddening of tongue or the gums, lethargy, nausea, skin turning pale, eyes becoming inflamed & tinged with blood, high body temperature, and unconsciousness, then surely your dog is critical and requires immediate medical assistance.

In case you encounter a similar situation where the dog is overheated, try to get its breathing stable by wetting the dog with cool water and also make him sip on some cool drinking water. After the dog’s condition stabilizes a bit make that inevitable visit to the vet.

Things parents can do to cool off their four legged kid!

Offer the dog a damp towel or a cooling pad (full of gel that helps speed up the cooling up process) to sit and relax on.

Take the four legged fellow for a swim. That is also a good summer substitute for walking.

Provide a shallow pool that is designed for kids to the dog (low enough that the dog does not sink in it). Notice how your dog looks for every opportunity to hop into it. Place the wading pool in your garden, especially if your pooch is spending time outdoors.

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The temperatures of 81 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit may become increasing uncomfortable for the dog, resulting in overheating. To tackle such a rise in environmental temperatures it is important to allow your dog to rest in the coolest room of the house for instance an area in the basement. Some owners may want to use air conditioning to quickly cool a room where the dog spends most of its time.


Long haired dogs need trimming during hot weather.

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Apply pet sunscreen onto the dog to avoid sunburns and also prevent it from skin cancer.

Don’t leave the dog in a stationary car

The dog may even succumb to death if left unattended in the car as temperatures inside the car tend to get more intense compared to the open outdoor area. Leaving a window open of the parked car may not be of that much help to the dog.

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Effective air conditioning in the car and water bottle for the dog are two essentials to enjoy summer road trips with the canine companion.

Shoes for dogs

Purchase boots designed to cover the dog’s feet. Let the pet don these before stepping out for walks. The asphalt used in road construction gets heated up; therefore to prevent the absorption of heat from the ground through the pet’s paws it is important to use boots that are easily available at pet shops.

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A Dog’s health depends largely upon the steps and measures taken by its master, as a canine is not completely capable of serving to its every need. Also puppies and aged dogs may require extra care during the hot weather.

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